Higher Education

  • A Community College’s Lessons on Launching a Space Planning Organization


    When Johnson County Community College asked them in 2015 to establish a space planning program, Janelle Vogler and Robyn Albano wondered where to start. Now they advise the college’s top decision-makers to optimize building utilization on campus. In launching a space planning organization from scratch, they point to several lessons they learned along the way: It’s vital to assign a point person to lead the effort; you need a team whose members commit to the institution’s interests above any one department; a successful organization will establish transparent processes for requests and decisions; and don’t be afraid to start data collection with a simple spreadsheet.

  • College of the Atlantic Plans Center for Human Ecology


    College of the Atlantic will begin construction in spring of 2019 on the $13 million Center for Human Ecology in Bar Harbor, Maine. Designed by GO Logic and Susan T.

  • Iowa State University Builds Student Innovation Center


    Iowa State University is building the $84 million Student Innovation Center in Ames. Comprising one basement level and four stories above grade, the 140,000-sf facility will provide an inclusive environment for multidisciplinary collaboration across the university.

  • Clemson University Builds College of Business


    Clemson University is building the $90 million College of Business in North Charleston, S.C.

  • GKN Aerospace Plans Global Technology Centre


    GKN Aerospace is planning to build the £32 million Global Technology Centre in Bristol in the United Kingdom.

  • Ryerson University Opens Centre for Urban Innovation


    Ryerson University opened the Centre for Urban Innovation in January of 2018 in Toronto.

  • UT Austin Transitions from Departmental to Theme-Based Engineering


    Opened in August 2017, the Engineering Education and Research Center (EERC) at UT Austin’s Cockrell School of Engineering is a leading-edge STEM environment with open and flexible space for active learning, hands-on student projects, and research, as well as maker space for prototyping marketable products that solve real-world problems. By maximizing transparency, the building’s designers supported the Cockrell School’s goal of fostering collaboration and interdisciplinary research. The building has also become an iconic campus gateway that puts the process of engineering on display and offers public access to its café, study spaces, and meeting rooms.

  • University of Virginia Plans School of Data Science


    The University of Virginia is planning to open the School of Data Science in Charlottesville. Representing a total investment of $200 million, the project includes construction of a new building as well as the creation of embedded centers throughout the campus.

  • Cranfield University Builds Digital Aviation Research and Technology Centre


    Cranfield University began construction in January of 2019 on the Digital Aviation Research and Technology Centre (DARTeC) in Cranfield in the United Kingdom.

  • East Carolina University Opens Student Center


    East Carolina University opened the $122 million Main Campus Student Center in January of 2019 in Greenville, N.C.