Higher Education

University Facilities Planners Prioritize New Construction and Renovations

Commitment Remains as Strong as Before the Pandemic

Published 4-28-2021

There is no question that the pandemic has taken a toll on higher education institutions, but they are planning for a future that includes fully engaged students and campuses bustling with activity. A Tradeline survey of 115 colleges and universities and the architectural and engineering firms that serve them shows they are focused on renovation, modernization, and major new construction of everything from life sciences facilities to theaters; 58 percent reported that they have one or two major projects in the planning or pre-planning stages.

For the Win: Esports Facilities Generate Attention for Higher Education

Investments Help Attract Quality Applicants, Bring Diverse Student Groups Together

Published 4-14-2021

A few years ago, Columbia College in Missouri had a small maintenance garage that wasn’t adding much value. Today, it’s the Gaming Hut, the nexus of Columbia’s esports program, part of a trend on many campuses that’s getting video gamers out of their dorm rooms and into a world of collaboration, competition, and learning. An esports facility is “a perfect example of a small space being reclaimed, a social space with performance and practice areas,” explains Chris Chivetta, president of Hastings+Chivetta Architects, which has worked on a number of these projects.