Research and Development

  • WABCO Opens Global Technology and Innovation Center


    WABCO opened the $30 million Global Technology and Innovation Center in August of 2018 in Hanover, Germany. Accommodating over 420 employees, the 124,000-sf R&D hub will provide engineering and product development labs for the creation of automotive technologies.

  • Innovation Hubs and Incubators Drive Academic Research to Commercialization


    Innovation hubs and incubators are emerging as the best solution to help universities, entrepreneurs, researchers, and students transform their creative ideas into viable commercial ventures. Users want facilities that focus on entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation; foster interdisciplinary collaboration and partnerships; offer responsive and flexible spaces; create a spirit of ground-up innovation; support commercialization of ideas/products; and connect to nearby universities, companies, and amenities.

  • Washington State University Breaks Ground on Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory


    Washington State University broke ground in September of 2018 on the $36.4 million Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory in Pullman. Built as an addition to the existing Paul G.

  • University of Tennessee Opens Mossman Science Center


    The University of Tennessee opened the $118 million Ken and Blaire Mossman Building in September of 2018 in Knoxville.

  • Premier BioSource Breaks Ground on Swine Facility


    Premier BioSource broke ground in August of 2018 on a $7.5 million facility for the production of research swine in Rensselaer, Ind. The 78,000-sf farrow-to-finish complex will accommodate 600 breeding sows, housing a total of 4,752 pigs at full capacity.

  • University of Washington Opens Life Sciences Building


    The University of Washington opened the Life Sciences Building in Seattle in September of 2018. Designed by Perkins+Will, the collaborative facility provides five floors above grade and two subterranean levels for the Department of Biology.

  • University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Opens Prairie Springs Science Center


    The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse opened the $82 million Prairie Springs Science Center in September of 2018.

  • LA BioMed Plans Torrance Research Facility


    LA BioMed is planning to build a $63 million bioscience research facility on its existing campus in Torrance, Calif. The four-story building will include an 18,000-sf business incubator able to accommodate up to 30 companies at full capacity.

  • Bradley University Constructs Business and Engineering Complex


    Bradley University is constructing the $100 million Business and Engineering Complex in Peoria, Ill.

  • New University STEM Facilities Planned with Industry Partnerships in Mind


    Universities and businesses have worked together for decades. Today, changes in funding and in STEM career paths have made those partnerships more attractive than ever—so attractive, in fact, that many institutions are planning new spaces specifically for them. With limits on government funding in recent years, and state and local funding stagnant, many institutions are seeing 25 to 30 percent of their research funding coming from outside sources, primarily private industry. That has led to more elaborate and specific consideration of industry partnerships as a part of strategic planning.