Research and Development

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln Plans Gnotobiotic Mouse Facility


    The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is planning to build a $5 million, 12,490-sf gnotobiotic mouse vivarium adjacent to its existing rodent facility on the East Campus.

  • University of Georgia Breaks Ground on I-STEM Research Building


    The University of Georgia broke ground in November of 2018 on the $65 million Interdisciplinary Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (I-STEM) Research Building in Athens.

  • Mustang Bio Completes Cell Therapy Manufacturing Center


    Mustang Bio completed construction of its 27,000-sf cell therapy manufacturing center in November of 2018.

  • University of Miami Dedicates Murphy Design Studio


    The University of Miami dedicated the Thomas P. Murphy Design Studio Building in November of 2018 in Coral Gables, Fla.

  • Creating Unique Research Facilities to Pursue the Newest Scientific Exploration


    Most A&E teams will never have to plan the descent of a highly sensitive, one-of-a-kind particle accelerator a mile down a wet, dark, crooked shaft to an astrophysics research facility built in a decommissioned gold mine. Or collaborate on a strategy to acquire and store the equivalent of 20 percent of a year’s production of xenon gas without making a massive one-time purchase that could trigger a drastic spike in market prices. Or order equipment from around the globe that has to be transported by ship, rail, or truck because of the exposure to radiation in flight. The professionals who faced these challenges will probably not encounter them again on future projects. However, as scientific discovery continues to push the frontiers of the unknown, the need to create unique research environments is likely to become more frequent.

  • Children’s National Health System Breaks Ground on Research and Innovation Campus


    Children's National Health System broke ground in late November of 2018 on the Research and Innovation Campus in Washington. The project includes the renovation of four existing buildings located on 12 acres on the former Walter Reed Medical Center Campus.

  • Virginia Tech Plans Innovation Campus


    Virginia Tech is planning to build a $1 billion innovation campus in Alexandria.

  • Quadram Institute Opens Translational Research Facility


    The Quadram Institute began the phased occupation of its £75 million translational research facility in fall of 2018.

  • Peking University Plans AI Campus


    Peking University is planning to construct a 169-acre campus for research and development in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

  • European Spallation Source Plans Research Support Campus


    The European Spallation Source is planning to construct a three-building research support campus in Lund, Sweden. Sited adjacent to the Target Station, the 215,000-gsf complex will provide 450 workspaces and 16 labs for the maintenance, testing, and development of equipment.