Enhancing Productivity and Reducing Costs in Animal Research Facilities

The Right Information at the Right Place and the Right Time

Published 6-18-2014

The key to fully leveraging a building automation system (BAS) in animal research facilities is to put all of the information about the animals’ environment at staff’s literal fingertips with tablet computing. Additionally, a few simple upgrades—some derived from unlikely sources—can help reduce costs associated with controlling two of the industry’s primary concerns: ammonia detection and airflow.

New Jackson Lab Facility Aims to Redefine Genomic Research

Located for Hospital/University Collaboration; Designed to Intermingle Wet/Dry Labs

Published 3-5-2014

The 183,500-sf Jackson Laboratory (JAX) for Genomic Medicine aims to advance genomic research not only by way of its location—on the campus of a university health center near major research institutions, hospitals, and urban research corridors—but also by utilizing an interior design that comingles the computational and wet lab aspects of research and encourages collaboration. The ultimate goal is to enable quicker development of disease-fighting therapies targeted at individual patients.