“Future-Proofing” Vivarium Space Through Flexible Design

Planning for Possible Conversion to Labs Saves Time, Money

Published 4-6-2016

Research trends that could reduce the need for future vivarium space have led some research institutions to “future-proof” those expensive spaces by designing them to be convertible to state-of-the-art labs. Institutions including Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, University of California, and the University of Pittsburgh have built convertible space, and others are following suit, says Josh Meyer, AIA, managing principal at Jacobs Consultancy Inc.

Continuous Mission Alignment with Facility Design Prevents Operational Failures

Transitional Services Keep Everyone on Track

Published 1-20-2016

Complex technology, expanding program, and increasingly specialized and segmented roles and responsibilities often create a disconnect in the process of designing and building sophisticated facilities. The result can be a research or diagnostic lab or high-containment animal building that becomes a burden to the owner, whether because it hasn’t been right-sized, is not energy efficient, or operates with sub-par reliability. The solution is to assign someone the task of aligning design decisions with the building’s ultimate scientific mission.