College and university directives aimed at campus and student life, new learning space, space utilization, revenue generation, community engagement, enrollment forecasts, collaboration, and shared use of physical and financial resources are transforming decisions and plans for all types of academic space and buildings.

Attend this conference to get details on how new academic priorities are shaping facility plans and space planning initiatives at leading institutions for a very different academic future.

Make this conference a top priority planning event for your capital project, campus real estate, space planning, and financial stakeholders to set in motion your institution’s visioning, decision-making, courses of action, and execution of successful facility initiatives for a transforming world of higher education involving a spectrum of new space types and planning models.

PLUS! This special pre-conference course on May 3rd:
The Fundamentals of University Space Planning and Space Management


If you would like to participate as a sponsor, or would like updates as they become available please email or call (925) 254-1744 x 119.

Who should attend?
This conference is open to all college and university employees, consultants, and service providers with interest in the planning, design, construction, and operation of college and university facilities and campuses. This includes capital project teams, project managers, facility and space planners, facility managers, construction managers, architects, engineers, financial officers, capital planners, and university administrative staff.