Student Services: The new physical and metaphorical gateway to campus at Morgan State University

Kim I. McCalla
Assoc VP of Facilities, Design, & Construction
Morgan State University

Stephen Teeple, OAA, FRAIC
Teeple Architects

Alan Reed, FAIA, LEED AP
President & Design Principal
GWWO Architects

The Morgan State University Calvin & Tina Tyler Hall is a leading example of innovation in the delivery of student services that enrich student experience and boost recruitment and retention. Session leaders demonstrate facility strategies that deliver an all-inclusive experience where services are easier to access with a one-stop core. They illustrate new technology and design solutions that draw students in, guide them to self-service kiosks and generalist desks, and help them tap into a myriad of services. They demonstrate how HBCUs and historically underfunded institutions can leverage planning and construction of all building types to strengthen strategic goals.

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