The pandemic impact on higher education: A round table discussion

Derek G. Westfall
JoAnn Browning, Ph.D., PE
Dean, College of Engineering
P.K. Imbrie, PhD
Dept Head & Professor

COVID-19 has dramatically shifted short-term expectations and operating models and will profoundly affect institutional long-term goals for learning, campuses, facilities, and capital. In this interactive session, panelists relate what their institutions have done to assess and respond to institutional, faculty, student, and space impacts, the results to-date, and the outlook for the future. They discuss the results of a student viewpoint survey on long-term impacts of the pandemic on higher education and the learning experience, and explore options for reconciling student and institutional goals, supporting hands-on program requirements, and finding the sweet spot for combining on-campus and virtual resources.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 - 2:55pm-3:40pm