September 20-21, 2021
Austin, TX

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Welch Hall College of Natural Sciences Renovations & Engineering Education and Research Center, University of Texas at Austin

Welch Hall College of Natural Sciences Renovations, University of Texas at Austin 

The largest building on the UT Austin campus, Welch Hall, was built in 1929 to be the home of the chemistry and biochemistry departments and is currently in the process of undergoing several phases of renovation and repurposing to modernize research and teaching labs, and to add new active-learning classrooms and specially designed spaces for the Freshman Research Initiative. The East Wing has been repurposed with a mix of computational and theoretical chemistry research labs, administrative space, meeting and interaction space, and wet lab space for both undergraduate chemistry teaching and inorganic chemistry research. The West Wing Renovation includes a combination of low, medium and high fume hood-intensive chemistry research labs; chemistry labs supporting the UT Freshman Research Initiative; and a 100-seat, flexible, technology-enabled and problem-based learning studio.

The Engineering Education and Research Center, University of Texas at Austin

The new Engineering Education and Research Center contains 430,000 square feet of open and flexible space for interactive learning, hands-on student projects, and 21st-century teaching and research labs for creating new technologies and solving real-world problems. The EERC's North Tower has 50,000 square feet of large-scale, multidisciplinary research labs; the South Tower is home to the Cockrell School's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and houses seven research neighborhoods focused on developing new technologies in computing, power, electronics and wireless networking. The Cockrell School's Innovation Center will be located inside the EERC, becoming the first space dedicated to entrepreneurship training and commercialization programming.  Equipped with the latest Texas Instruments (TI) technologies, the TI teaching and project labs will give electrical and computer engineering undergraduates space to design and build sensors, robots, wearable technologies, and more.