Past Participants

April 25-26, 2022
St. Petersburg, FL

The following have attended previous Tradeline conferences on this topic:

Alma College(Dir of Facilities & Service Mgmt)
Arizona Western College(Director of Facilities Mgmt)
Baylor University(Director of Sciences Facility)
Carnegie Mellon University(Dir of Design & Construction)
Cedarville University(Associate VP for Operations)
Cedarville University(Manager of Facility Services)
Centre College(Chief Plng Officer/Asst to the President)
Centre College(VP, CFO, & Treasurer)
Clemson University(Director, Planning & Design)
Clemson University(Project Manager, Capital Projects)
Clemson University(Senior Planner)
Colorado School of Mines(Assoc University Architect)
Columbia University(AVP of Campus Operations)
Columbia University(Exec Dir Business Services)
Columbia University(Exec Director Space Planning)
Columbia University(Project Manager)
Cornell University(Assoc Prof, Dept of Design & Environmental Analysis)
Dalhousie University(Director of Campus Planning)
Dartmouth College(Project Manager)
Duke University(Dir of Facilities, Infrastructure & Safety)
Elon University(Univ Architect & Director, PDCM)
Emory University(Director, Fulfillment Services)
Emory University(Exec Assoc Dean, Admin & Finance)
Emory University(Fulfillment Services Representative)
Emory University(Interior Designer)
Emory University(Project Coordinator)
Florida Institute of Technology(Project Manager)
Florida Institute of Technology(VP, Facilities & Campus Security)
Florida International University(Director Building Operations)
George Mason University(Facilities Program Director)
Georgia Institute of Technology(VP, Facilities Management)
Girard College(VP of Advancement & Strategic Partnerships)
Girard Estate(Assistant Controller)
Hardin-Simmons University(Chair of Capital Campaigns)
Hardin-Simmons University(Construction Manager)
Hardin-Simmons University(Facility Services Director)
Hardin-Simmons University(General Contractor)
HRL Laboratories, LLC(Director of Plant Operations)
Humboldt State University(Architect)
Humboldt State University(Special Projects Leader & Principal Analyst)
Idaho National Lab/Battelle Energy Alliance(Division Director)
Idaho State University(Senior Project Manager)
Illinois State University(Dir, Student Affairs Information Technology)
Jefferson - Philadelphia Uni/Thomas Jefferson Uni(Dir, Ctr for Teaching Innovation & Nexus Learning)
Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences(Mgr, Admin Services & Facilities Ops)
Keck Graduate Institute(Director of Facilities Mgmt)
Laredo Community College(Dir for Plant Operations & Maintenance)
Lehigh University(President)
Lehigh University(Project Manager)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology(Sr Planner, MIT Capital Renewal Project Plng)
Miami University(Dir, Planning, Architecture & Eng)
Midwestern State University(Assoc VP & Dean of Students)
Moraine Park Technical College(VP Finance and Administration)
Mount Royal University(Space Strategist)
National Institutes of Health(Project Officer)
New Mexico State University(Facilities Space Manager)
North Carolina State University(Exec Dir, Wellness & Recreation)
North Hennepin Community College(Director of Facilities Services)
North Hennepin Community College(Provost/VP of Academic & Student Affairs)
North Hennepin Community College(VP of Finance & Facilities)
North Lake College(Director of Facilities Services)
North Lake College(Senior Associate Director)
Northeastern University(Assoc VP for Facility Operations)
Northeastern University(Program Director)
Ohio University(Project Manager)
Ohio University(Sr Director, Administration)
Ohio Wesleyan University(Dir of Physical Plant Planning & Operations)
Pardee RAND Graduate School(Associate Dean)
Piedmont Park Conservancy(VP & COO)
Pomona College(Asst VP, Facilities & Campus Svcs)
Princeton University(Mgr, Learning Space Support)
RAND Corporation(Director, Facilities & Real Estate)
Rush University(Dir of Strategy & Implementation)
Rush University(Director of University Facilities)
Rush University(Sr Assoc Dean of Education)
Rutgers University(AVP Project Services)
Rutgers University(Mgr of Planning & Development)
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey(Director)
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey(Senior Project Manager)
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey(Sr Project Manager)
Saint Louis University School of Medicine(Dir, Planning & Operations)
Seton Hall University(Project Manager)
Sheridan College(Manager, Space Planning)
Sheridan College(Sr Mgr, Campus Planning)
Singapore Institute of Technology(Assistant Professor & Deputy Director)
Singapore Institute of Technology(Assistant Professor)
Singapore Institute of Technology(Deputy Director)
Singapore Institute of Technology(Learning Designer)
Singapore Institute of Technology(Senior Manager)
Singapore Institute of Technology(University Librarian)
Southern California Univ of Health Sci(AVP, Auxillary Operations)
Southern California Univ of Health Sci(Chief of Staff/VP Operations)
Southern New Hampshire University(Assoc VP of Innovation)
Southern New Hampshire University(AVP Capital Projects)
Southern University A&M College(Facilities Planner)
St. John's University(Exec Dir of Design & Construction)
Stanford University School of Medicine(Assoc Dean, Facilities Planning & Mgmt)
Stanford University(Dir of Facilities & IT Project Mgmt)
Stanford University(Dir of Strategic Development, Facils Ops)
Stanford University(Dir of Support Services, Facils Ops)
SUNY Downstate Medical Center(VP for Finance and CFO)
Swarthmore College(Planner/Project Manager)
Texas A&M University(Dir of Facilities)
Texas A&M University(Dir, Engineering Entrepreneurship)
Texas Tech University(Registered Architect)
The Rockefeller Foundation(Facilities Manager)
Thompson Rivers University(Assoc. VP of Campus Sustainability)
Thompson Rivers University(Facility Manager)
Thompson Rivers University(Space Planner & Coordinator)
Thompson Rivers University(VP, Administration & Finance)
Union County College(Senior Project Manager)
United States Army War College(Strategic Planner)
Univ of Alabama System(Sr VC for Academic & Student Affairs)
Univ of Arizona(Asst Director, Design)
Univ of Arizona(Senior Architect)
Univ of California, Irvine(Vice Provost of Teaching & Learning)
Univ of California, Riverside(Campus Space Manager)
Univ of California, San Diego(Director)
Univ of Cincinnati(Dean; Professor College of Allied Health Sci)
Univ of Cincinnati(Dept Head & Professor)
Univ of Colorado Boulder(Architect & Facilities Planner)
Univ of Connecticut(Dir, Real Estate & Regional Projects)
Univ of Illinois at Chicago(Architectural Draftsman II)
Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign(Exec Assoc Provost for Capital Planning)
Univ of Kansas(University Architect (Retired))
Univ of Michigan(Capital Project Manager)
Univ of Minnesota(University Architect)
Univ of Missouri - Saint Louis(Assoc Vice Chancellor)
Univ of Missouri - Saint Louis(Managing Architect)
Univ of Missouri(Architect & Dir of Space Plng & Mgmt)
Univ of Nebraska(Professor & Sr Assoc to the President)
Univ of Nebraska-Lincoln(Director, Capital Projects)
Univ of New Mexico - Taos(Project/Construction Manager)
Univ of New Mexico(Director of Facilities Mgmt)
Univ of North Carolina at Charlotte(Director of Facilities Planning)
Univ of North Carolina, Charlotte(Assoc Director for Infrastructure)
Univ of North Carolina, Charlotte(Facility Manager)
Univ of North Carolina, Wilmington(Facilities Use Manager)
Univ of North Texas Health Science Ctr(Executive Director, Facilities Management)
Univ of Notre Dame(Dir of Interior Architecture)
Univ of Phoenix(Design & Occupancy Planning Mgr)
Univ of San Francisco(Construction Project Manager)
Univ of San Francisco(Resources & Planning Manager)
Univ of Saskatchewan(Consultant)
Univ of Saskatchewan(Strategic Business Advisor, Facilities)
Univ of St. Thomas(AVP, Facilities Management)
Univ of Tennessee Health Science Ctr(Exec Vice Chancellor & COO)
Univ of Texas at Austin(Assoc Dean, Research & Facilities)
Univ of Texas at Austin(Assoc Director, Capital Project Mgmt)
Univ of Texas at Austin(Assoc VP Finance & Admin. Svcs)
Univ of Texas at Austin(Asst Dean/Dir, Texas MBA Program)
Univ of Texas at Austin(Dean, Cockrell School of Engineering)
Univ of Texas at Austin(Dir of Academic Space Planning)
Univ of Texas at Austin(Dir, Capital Planning & Construction)
Univ of Texas at Austin(Project Manager II)
Univ of Texas at Austin(Project Manager)
Univ of Texas at Austin(Team Lead, Academic Team)
Univ of Texas at Dallas(Dir, Research Facilities Operations)
Univ of Texas, El Paso(Dir, Planning & Construction)
Univ of Texas, San Antonio(Dean, College of Engineering)
Univ of the Ozarks(Director of Physical Plant)
Univ of the Ozarks(Physical Plant Office Manager)
Univ of the Pacific(Dir of Construction Mgmt)
Univ of Toronto(Dir, Facilities Mgmt & Space Planning)
Univ of Toronto, Mississauga(Sr Facilities Planner/Architect)
Univ of Victoria(Mgr, Interior Modification Services)
Univ of Virginia(Asst Dean for Technology & Ops)
Univ of Virginia(Facilities Planner)
Univ of Virginia(Senior Project Manager)
Univ of Virginia(Sr Assoc Dean for Administration & CFO)
Univ of Washington(Exec Dir, Capital Plng & Portfolio Mgmt)
Univ of Washington(Project Manager, Major Projects)
Univ of Waterloo(Exec Director, Facilities)
Universidad del Sagrado Corazon(Dir of Installation, Conservation & Srvcs)
University of Houston(Director of Space Management and Analysis)
UT System - OFPC(Resident Construction Manager)
Vancouver Community College(Dir, Vancouver Community College Foundation)
Virginia Commonwealth University(Assoc VP for Facilities Management)
Virginia Tech(COO, Innovation Campus)
Virginia Tech(VP Campus Planning/Infrastructure/Facilities)
Wake Forest University School of Medicine(VP of Academic & IQ Resources)
Wake Forest University(Dir, Maintenance & Utilities Services)
Wake Forest University(Project Manager)
Washington State University(Assistant Director)
Washington State University(Facilities Project Manager)
Washington State University(Project Mgr/Interior Design Specialist)
Wayne County Community College District(Dist Sr Assoc Vice Chancellor for Auxiliary Srvcs)
Wayne County Community College District(Facilities Director)
Wayne County Community College District(Facility Director)
Wayne State University(Director, Planning & Space Management)
Weill Cornell Medical College(Project Manager)
Weill Cornell Medical College(Senior Project Manager)
Weill Cornell Medicine(Capital Projects Director)
West Chester University(Assoc VP, Campus Plng & Outreach)
Western Oregon University(Physical Plant Director, Facilities Services)
Wichita State University(Director of Facilities Planning)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute(Asst Dean Student Prgms & Dir, Rubin Campus Ctr)