Good bones (or Not): Strategies for making the renovate or build new decision

Mary Jo Spector, AIA
Director of Research Facilities Design, Construction, and Maintenance
Tyler L Dykes, PE, LEED AP, CDT, NCEES
Project Manager

Academic research laboratories face specific challenges related to aging infrastructure, and unless these challenges are mitigated operating costs will continue to escalate, safety issues will arise, lab spaces will be underutilized, and deferred maintenance will increase. This presentation identifies the top infrastructure challenges for outdated budlings and demonstrates solutions and decision-making criteria that lead to successful results. Session leaders deliver multiple case studies to illustrate new strategies and lessons learned that building owners can use as a framework for overcoming lab-specific obstacles to realize more value from new and existing laboratory facilities

Tuesday, April 26, 2022 - 10:35am-11:30am
Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
American Institute of Architects (AIA)