Advanced technology facility strategies for the growth of biodevices, biomaterials, and bioengineering research

Kevin Truman, PhD, F.ASCE
Vice Provost & Dean
William Haverly
Director, Facilities Planning Design & Construction

Designed to break new ground in traditional engineering teaching and research facilities, as well as biodevices, biomaterials, and bioengineering research, a 58,000-square-foot addition to University of Missouri-Kansas City’s School of Computing and Engineering will also expand collaboration opportunities with health and science organizations. Kevin Truman and Bill Haverly break out the key facility components selected for inclusion in this facility (opening Fall of 2020) including an ISO 6 and 7 Cleanroom, 3-d visualization and renewable energy laboratories, support space, and core facilities. They profile academic program targets and community outreach goals, and examine rationales for selecting a design-build delivery strategy for this pivotal project.

Monday, November 8, 2021 - 8:40am-9:05am