Facility integration strategies for immersive education, applied engineering and technology, and research

Wayne Northcutt
Facilities Planner, Architect
Douglas Smith
Associate Dean & CFO

The new LEED Gold Aerospace Engineering Sciences Building on University of Colorado’s Boulder campus delivers leading-edge space solutions for advancing interdisciplinary aerospace teaching and research. Doug Smith and Wayne Northcutt detail unique undergrad and graduate-level laboratory facility features, collaborative “research clusters,” workshops and makerspaces, and immersive education space all designed to successfully compete for grants, talent, and students. They illustrate layout, flexibility, and programming decisions that balance office/lab proximity with informal gathering and learning spaces for hands-on practical skills development, and deliver workforce-ready students that are equipped with skills for the design and application of novel sensors, aircraft, and spacecraft systems.

Monday, November 8, 2021 - 9:55am-10:20am