Today’s program-enabling facility features that anticipate the future of STEM teaching and learning

October 10-11, 2022
San Antonio, TX
Nestor DeOcampo, Ph.D.
Director of Facilities and Planning, College of Engineering

Michigan State University’s new STEM Teaching and Learning Facility delivers 21st-century classroom and laboratory spaces geared toward gateway courses in biological sciences, chemistry, computer science, engineering, and physics. And the facility will still be capable of delivering world class education and embracing emerging pedagogies well into the future with its immersive, highly flexible, and interactive learning spaces. Nestor DeOcampo sets out MSU’s thinking on key program-enabling facility investments including an easily reconfigurable grid system, high-value casework features, enhancements aimed at the student experience, and the balancing of “science in action” transparency with instructional needs and energy use targets.

Monday, October 10, 2022 - 9:05am-9:30am