Speaker Center

October 10-11, 2022
San Antonio, TX

We look forward to having you participate as a speaker. From this page you may:

  • Make plans to attend the Speakers' Dinner Briefing the evening before the conference
  • Download the conference PowerPoint template and Tradeline's Guide to Better Presentations
  • Upload your presentation files for distribution to the audience

Speaker registration info requests (hotel preferences, etc) will be sent via email to speakers.

  • Speaker Orientation Meeting & Dinner

    This meeting is intended for presenters only, and is a critical part of the Tradeline program. Your group will be given last minute information on the audience and their special questions as well as project information relative to this topic. Also covered will be conference protocol and audio-visual equipment for presenters, as well as details on the conference schedule. Speakers will receive a full set of conference materials at this time.

    This meeting will be held in the Ballroom K of the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter.

    Advanced RSVP Required

    Sunday, October 9, 2022 - 5:45pm-7:30pm
  • Tradeline Guide to Better Presentations

    Here’s 40 years worth of speakers’ wisdom condensed and packaged into five success-determining sections for your easy reference and use. It represents ideas gleaned from watching and listening to over 1,500 professionals speak to other professionals. The intent of this Speaker’s Guide is to help you become a star – or a bigger star. Follow The Guide to make yourself a popular, sought-after and maybe even famous public speaker. Ignore it at your peril.

    PDF icon Tradeline's Speaker Guide to Better Presentations816.17 KB2/15/2018
  • PowerPoint Template

    Below you will find the conference PowerPoint template. You are still free to use your own slide format, but for readability, speed of delivery, and greatest impact with your audience we strongly encourage you to follow the formatting guidelines below:

    1. Wide-screen format
    2. High-contrast, bold color schemes
    3. Font size 28pt minimum
    4. Allocate no more than three minutes for institutional and project history and site-specific background information – get to the “what we did, why, the big ideas, outcomes, and lessons learned” fast.
    5. End your session with “The Tradeline Three” – three words or phrases that will make the content of your report memorable and discus-able.
    6. To be compliant with the AIA guidelines for continuing education credit your presentation slides should include your company name and logo on the 1st and last slides only. The session must be unbiased, not promoting or marketing your company's products or services. Products and services may be discussed prior to or once the credit portion of the session is complete. Similarly, no marketing hand-outs may be given until your session is over.

    Plenary session presenters

    Your presentation will run from Tradeline's presentation computer. At the podium you will have a combination slide changer/laser pointer.

    Breakout session presenters

    The following will be provided in your assigned breakout room. 

    • Projector
    • Screen
    • Wireless microphones and speaker
    • USB powerpoint changer/laser combination

    You will need to bring your own notebook computer to connect to the projector.


    Pre-Conference Presentation Upload Deadline: Monday, Sep 26
    File UFSAT2022-FALL-presentation-template.pptx621.03 KB7/13/2022