The rise of Community Learning Centers (CLCs) in residential facilities: Programming and design strategies for student success

Nadia Zhiri, AIA, LEED AP
Student Life Studio Leader & Principal
Sharmin Kader, PhD
Research Associate
Matthew Park
Associate VP & Dean of Students

The growing trend to integrate student education within residence halls is accelerating, and this session delivers valuable insights into the programming, design, and operational processes from institutional and student perspectives. Calling upon three case studies of recently completed CLCs, session leaders set out design intentions and metrics, highlight innovative space solutions and features, and provide post-occupancy feedback from all stakeholders. They identify special resources and amenities for boosting student engagement, collaboration, and interaction, and contributing to students' quality of work and sense of community responsibility. They examine alternative design strategies for a range of new construction, renovation, and demographic drivers.

Continuing Education
American Institute of Architects (AIA)
Professional Development Hour (PDH)