Leveraging the Entrepreneurial Mindset of Silicon Valley: The Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation at Santa Clara University

Christopher M. Shay, PMP
Asst VP of Operations
Marissa Pimentel
University Operations, Project Manager
Amanda Hills
Associate Principal

STEM programs across the country are looking to integrate student entrepreneurship programs with science, engineering and technology curricula, and there’s no more fertile ground for this than in Silicon Valley. Presenters will detail how nine campus buildings at Santa Clara University were designed, renovated, and occupied over the course of 10 months to create a 330,000-sf integrated center for transformational STEM education. Learn how they set out key details for collaborative learning environments that mirror the entrepreneurial mindset of the surrounding region, and established learning neighborhoods, project, and makerspaces to support cross-discipline inquiry and collaboration among traditionally disparate academic programs. 

Continuing Education
American Institute of Architects (AIA)
AIA Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW)
Professional Development Hour (PDH)