O&M for new science buildings: What’s the number? Bridging the planning gap between “build” and “operate” to prevent post-construction operational failure

Steven L. Westfall, PhD
Founder and CEO

The criteria for project success is ultimately “build AND operate.”  Not just “build.”  Too many new science building capital projects end construction only to face O&M staffing that is too little, too late, and unprepared.  This results in building operational failures that damage whole science programs and cause financial losses for the sponsoring institutions.  Steve Westfall demonstrates here how the unique O&M manpower requirements for a new science building are actually knowable, quantitatively, years in advance of construction completion, and how that number can be used to drive institutional action plans for assuring that great new science buildings will be operationally successful, great new science buildings.

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American Institute of Architects (AIA)