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Animal Research Facilities 2024

At Tradeline’s 35th annual animal research facilities conference you’ll get the latest details on what research organizations are doing to create robust, efficient, modern, and competitive research space and infrastructure for animal-based research programs of the future.   

That includes facility innovations, space plans, planning rationales, metrics, features, and examples of in-design and recently completed capital project initiatives for animal research facilities involving: 

  • Renovations, upgrades, and modernization – spaces, systems, and equipment 
  • New construction and expansions – stand-alone and building-embedded spaces
  • Repurposing – underutilized animal spaces, what to do, and how
  • New digital technologies – conditions monitoring, data collection
  • Performance metrics – new criteria for up-to-date, modern animal facilities
  • Lean operational processes – workflows, logistics, methodologies
  • Automation – cost-effective investments, low life-cycle costs 
  • New commissioning strategies – start-ups, re-verification

See how those capital project initiatives are meeting objectives for:

  • Increased facility flexibility – new and changing research programs  
  • High space utilization – research capacity, limited facility resources
  • Better research outcomes – findings, quality, repeatability
  • Improved health and wellness – animals and workers
  • Compliance, accreditation, and safety – agencies and associations, oversight and licensing
  • Lower operating costs – labor, energy, consumables
  • Increased research capacity – animals, people, equipment, programs 
  • Customized spaces – emerging and highly specialized research models
  • High performance facilities – new criteria and benchmarks  

Attend this conference with your institution’s research program leaders and stakeholders to make sure you get on the same page with respect to research program needs, courses of action, and expectations for outcomes. That includes research directors, veterinarians, vivaria managers, research facility planners, capital project directors, facility operations leaders, and institutional financial planners. 

If you would like to participate as a speaker, sponsor, or exhibitor, or would like updates on the conference as they become available please email

Who Should Attend?

This conference is open to all with interest in the planning, design, construction, and operation of animal research facilities. This includes research veterinarians, facility planners, capital project teams, project managers, engineering managers, architects, space planners, research compliance directors, animal and BSL facility operations managers, vivarium and BSL managers, animal resource managers, and biosafety officers.  Product vendors must be sponsors or exhibitors to attend. The conference sessions are primarily aimed at equipping facility owners/end-users to make optimal project team, facility design, programming, and construction decisions.