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Tradeline's industry reports are a must-read resource for those involved in facilities planning and management. Reports include management case studies, current and in-depth project profiles, and editorials on the latest facilities management issues.

Increasing Space Utilization and Occupancy Density in Research Facilities

Published 9/20/2023

Learn how Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, N.J., U.S.A., created a highly efficient research facility by employing design strategies—an open, flexible floorplan and shared core facilities—as well as operational functions, including just-in-time delivery of materials and integrated science groups. The result is a less siloed, more collaborative environment.

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How Generative AI Will Impact the Design of Future Science and Research Facilities

Published 9/6/2023

Generative AI technologies like ChatGPT and DALL-E are expected to dramatically impact the design of science and research facilities by expediting creative ideation, improving process efficiency, and driving scientific innovation. To clear up some of the common misconceptions and learn how facility designers are actually using AI in the real world, Tradeline interviewed a cross-section of industry-leading professionals who specialize in science and research facilities to find out if—and how—they’re using AI technologies and what they see as some of the potential risks and benefits. 

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Space Scenario Planning Provides a Framework for the Future Amid Shifting Priorities

Published 8/23/2023

Scenario planning provides the tools and data to develop a space plan that accommodates ever-shifting priorities and an uncertain financial landscape. Northern Arizona University conducted a comprehensive analysis of 6.2 million gsf of space in preparation for the construction of a new STEM facility, only to be faced with a multi-year pandemic and a new university president. The years of planning proved to be a strong foundation for the decision-making process going forward.

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