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  • University Science and Engineering Facilities 2023

    October 2-3
    Hilton Austin
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  • Animal Research Facilities 2023

    October 5-6
    Hilton Austin
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  • Space Strategies 2023

    October 16-17
    Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel
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  • Research Facilities 2024

    April 8-9
    Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel
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  • University Science and Engineering Facilities 2024 (Spring)

    April 11-12
    Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel
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  • University Facilities 2024

    May 6-7
    San Diego Mission Bay Resort
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Image on left shows lab benches in a cramped space with no windows; on the right is an open space containing lab benches in front of a wall of windows.
Increasing Space Utilization and Occupancy Density in Research Facilities
An indutrial-looking building with the Pittsburgh skyline behind it
Adaptive Reuse of Historic Industrial Building Helps an Urban University Keep Growing
Two AI-generated images of what it might look like for an architect to wear a VR helmet while designing a new structure. They stand in front of drawnings of an imagined facility.
How Generative AI Will Impact the Design of Future Science and Research Facilities
Aerial view of a large, round green space bounded on three sides by academic buildings.
Health Sciences Building Aims to Foster Bodies and Spirits as Well as Minds
A chart describing the strengths and weaknesses of various campus buildings.
Space Scenario Planning Provides a Framework for the Future Amid Shifting Priorities
A man works with hand tools at a long table in a lab with concrete floors and high ceiPhoto courtesy of Brad Feinknopfling.
Digital Futures Building Provides New Collaborative Research Model for University of Cincinnati