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  • Animal Research Facilities 2024

    September 30-October 1
    Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel
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  • Space Strategies 2024

    November 11-12
    Hyatt Regency Scottsdale
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  • University Science and Engineering Facilities 2024 (Fall)

    November 14-15
    Hyatt Regency Scottsdale
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Graph showing lower levels of satisfaction with higher ed during the pandemic
No Place Like Campus
Building exterior, mostly concrete with large windows,
UConn Charts the Future of STEM with $1.5 Billion, 10-Year Initiative
Diagram of a floorplan with arrows showing circulation patterns
New Veterinary Diagnostic Lab Designs Improve Operations and Safety
People stand at a cafeteria counter while others sit at tables
Citi Embraces Hybrid Work
A scientist sits at a lab bench in front of a wall of windows
Less Lab Space, More Support Space, and Customizable Workstations
Diagram of tables arranged in a classroom
Form Follows Pedagogy: An Active Learning Environment Evolution