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Tradeline's industry reports are a must-read resource for those involved in facilities planning and management. Reports include management case studies, current and in-depth project profiles, and editorials on the latest facilities management issues.

Space Scenario Planning Provides a Framework for the Future Amid Shifting Priorities

Published 8/23/2023

Scenario planning provides the tools and data to develop a space plan that accommodates ever-shifting priorities and an uncertain financial landscape. Northern Arizona University conducted a comprehensive analysis of 6.2 million gsf of space in preparation for the construction of a new STEM facility, only to be faced with a multi-year pandemic and a new university president. The years of planning proved to be a strong foundation for the decision-making process going forward.

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Digital Futures Building Provides New Collaborative Research Model for University of Cincinnati

Published 8/23/2023

The Digital Futures Building at the University of Cincinnati contains 16 multidisciplinary labs where researchers can study next-level topics, such as using artificial intelligence to enrich people’s lives, determining how cryptocurrency impacts the market, applying virtual and augmented reality to improve training programs, and analyzing human performance to enhance athletic training and rehabilitation. Its location in the city’s Innovation Hub offers proximity to startups, midsize businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. The top two floors of the facility are available for use by corporate partners.

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Next-Generation Engineering and Science Facilities

Published 8/9/2023

Training the scientists and engineers of the future requires academic spaces that are as much as a story taller and 1,000 sf bigger than in the past, and better-equipped to support entrepreneurship, industry partnerships, and hands-on learning. In addition to the standard makerspaces—with metal shops, machining labs, woodshops, prototyping, and 3D printing—students are also experimenting with wind tunnels and large water tanks.

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Resilient Animal Facilities that Withstand and Recover from Disasters
Pelotonia Research Center
National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility
University of Texas Southwestern

Recent catastrophic weather events have devastated animal facilities, with the loss of thousands of animals, years of research, and untold potential grant opportunities. The National Academies, the National Institutes of Health, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture are calling on research institutions to be more proactive in their approach to disruptions as varied as weather, terrorism, and supply chain disruptions. Facilities design features can help protect against threats from infiltrating air and water, as well as accommodate animals and their care staff that may have to shelter in place until the threat has passed.