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Nitsche, Alexander | National Research Council of Canada

Alexander Thorsten  Nitsche, B.Sc., M.Sc., PMP
Alexander Thorsten Nitsche, B.Sc., M.Sc., PMP
Senior Project Manager, Scientific Infrastructure

Alexander is a Master in Production Engineering and Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering graduating from one of the top 5 universities in Brazil, the Federal University of Minas Gerais. He holds a PMP designation and is a Professional Engineer in Brazil. His Master Degree Thesis presented a method to develop technologies proposed by the university into marketable products. In 2006 Alexander moved to Canada and obtained his Professional Certificate in Project Management, and his PMP designation. During this time he joined Trojan Technologies to deliver water treatment solutions, based on UV light, for waste water, drinking water and potable reuse water projects for municipalities in United States, Canada and Europe, having managed over $20M dollars and 50 projects over four years. He later joined Timberland Equipment, a heavy equipment manufacturer in Woodstock, Ontario; being responsible to manage projects for anchoring systems for deep see (1 to 2km) Oil Platforms and Floating, Production, Storage, Offshore (FPSOs) units, as well as winch systems for umbilical cords pull and installation at FPSOs. In 2015 he joined the National Research Council and continue to work with the council since then. The NRC is the primary agency of the Government of Canada dedicated to science and technology research and development. It is the largest federal research and development organization in Canada with 14 research centres in 5 divisions and 24 locations across Canada, which support over 5000 people across all our campuses. 

As an NRC Project Manager, Alexander was assigned to support the development of investment projects for Research Centres, working within the Planning and Reporting Services branch. During this time he delivered projects like: 

·         The Critical Design Review for the new rotation dome design for the Thirty Meter Telescope in Hawaii.

·         The replacement of Trichloroethylene as a refrigerant from one of our altitude icing wind tunnels facilities, which received the NRC Excellence Award in Environment Stewardship.

·         A new electric actuated Wavemaker system for NRC Ocean, Coastal and River Engineering facility in St. John’s Newfoundland, to replace the old 25 year hydraulic actuated system

In 2022 he was invited to join the new Office of Facility Renewal management as part of the new Infrastructure Project Management Office, responsible to manage the new NRC investment budget of $962.2M over 8 an years term and an ongoing budget of $121.1M per year after, as well as special initiative projects with separate funding. As part of the new OFRM iPMO, Alexander was assigned as one of the two team leads, being responsible for a team of three Senior Project Managers and three Project Coordinators. His team is currently responsible to manage 17 projects ranging from $1.5M to $115M across Canada in Vancouver, Quebec, Ottawa and St. John’s. Alexander is directly managing the Canadian Photonics Fabrication Centre project (special initiative) estimated at $115M along with the security server upgrade project and a project to develop an 8 Degrees of Freedom robotic actuator that will be use in the NRC wind tunnel facility for aerospace projects. On top of that Alexander Is a key resource in supporting the development of the iPMO Framework including the interface with other NRC support branches and teams, including the development of a Project Management Plan quality review process to ensure senior PMs have the necessary tools to properly develop their PMPs and minimize project risk exposure.