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Allentown, Inc. is the leading global provider of quality built research animal housing and related animal care products to the biomedical research community.  For over 45 years, we have produced innovative and superior animal housing solutions, which continue to exceed industry standards.  Our success is based on our strong business integrity, our exacting attention to manufacturing detail, and unparalleled service, particularly from our Vivarium Design Services (VDS) group who - relying upon years of vivarium design, engineering analysis, budget management, installation and service experience – provide customers with the invaluable insight necessary to make educated design decisions when planning their new facility or facility renovation.

Our state of the art manufacturing facility based in Allentown, New Jersey uniquely qualifies us to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions for our customers’ research needs. From computer-aided design and development through automated fabrication and welding, Allentown housing solutions are manufactured with tight tolerances to precise specifications. Our experienced workforce combines craftsmanship with innovation, constantly refining our design and manufacturing processes to ensure our customers the highest quality product at the most competitive price.

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Vince Pombo
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165 Route 526, Allentown, NJ, 08501, United States
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