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Carnegie Mellon University Plans Richard King Mellon Hall of Sciences

Published 11/27/2023

Carnegie Mellon University will break ground in early 2024 on the $252 million Richard King Mellon Hall of Sciences in Pittsburgh. Designed by ZGF Architects with Research Facilities Design (RFD) as laboratory design consultant, the 338,900-sf complex will advance a new era of data-driven research, cross-disciplinary education, and creative expression.

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University of Virginia Builds Contemplative Commons

Published 12/14/2022

The University of Virginia is building the $67.1 million Contemplative Commons in Charlottesville. Integrating academic, research, and social functions, the 57,000-sf facility will feature flexible learning studios that can be configured for group instruction, quiet reflection, physical activity, or informal interaction. During the day, the three-story structure will accommodate classes for the entire university community, while acting as an event venue and gathering hub on evenings and weekends.

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The Academic Library as Learning Commons

Published 5/6/2020

If you haven’t been to a library lately, get ready for a surprise. Today’s academic libraries are not just places to get information, but to create it. To help their users succeed, institutions are transforming libraries by bringing together people, spaces, technology, and programs across a full spectrum of thought.

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Managing Transformational Campus Renovation

Published 1/23/2019

University of Michigan transformed Weiser Hall—a 1960s brick tower with floor after floor of double-loaded, concrete block corridors—into a dynamic and flexible “center of centers” that brings together international and interdisciplinary institutes and centers so they can share space, services, and ideas. The provost’s charge was to renovate the building to create the “academic workplace of the future.” With the help of brightspot strategy and Diamond Schmitt architects, the team accomplished that mission with a seven-step formula that yielded impressive results, including an average overall productivity savings of 4.26 hours per person per week, the equivalent of every unit being able to grow its staff by 10 percent at no cost.

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