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AbCellera Biologics Plans Antibody Manufacturing Plant

Published 6/30/2021

AbCellera Biologics is planning to break ground in late 2021 on a manufacturing plant for therapeutic antibodies in Vancouver, British Columbia. Supported by $175.6 million in federal funding, the 130,000-sf project will cost approximately CAD$240 million to build. Offering advanced production suites, labs, offices, and warehouse space, the GMP facility will enhance the country's ability to create vaccines in response to future pandemic threats.

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International Microbiome Centre

Published 2/13/2019

The International Microbiome Centre (IMC) at the University of Calgary houses one of the largest germ-free facilities in the world and the only one that has incorporated intra-vital imaging. Constructed in a portion of the basement at the Cumming School of Medicine, the germ-free facility complements the other microbiome platforms—including mass cytometry, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics, biobanking, and live cell imaging—by providing a model system in which to study the microbiome. The center provides a sterilized housing environment, where researchers explore the microbiome and its impact through adding bacteria to germ-free models and analyzing what those bacteria do to the animals’ immune systems, organs, and overall health.

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