Field Management Services

Field Management Services is a professional engineering company, specializing in Electromagnetic Field (EMF) analysis, site and facilitiy charaterization, and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) mitigation design.  Our staff has considerable experience (20+ years) providing EMF/RF testing, EMI/RFI mitigation design services, and the installation of DC, AC ELF and RF Shielding.  FMS is headquartered in Los Angeles, with regional offices in New York, Metro DC, and Dublin, Ireland. Additional details are available upon request and information about the company, its work and its people can be examined on the company web site:

Contact Name: 
James Tidwell
Director of Operations
Contact Phone: 
323-937-1562 ext. 5
123 N. Laurel Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90048, United States
Additional Offices: 
New York, NY
Metro DC, VA
Dublin, Ireland