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Industrial Laborum Iberica S.A

Industrial Laborum Iberica S.A Logo

Industrial Laborum Ibérica, SA was established in 1978, being the first Portuguese company to manufacture and install laboratory furniture, it explored a growing market branch which depended exclusively - until then - on imported goods and services from foreign companies.


ILI aims to be a key partner in the relationship kept with its customers and other interested parties developing integrated solutions for specialized furniture,
focusing on quality and their expectations, the minimization of environmental impacts and meeting their expectations, while minimizing the envirnomental impact of lab equipment and assuring the safety of everyone involved.


Through its specialized furniture innovation, design and functionality, ILI wants to be a reference in the global market, promoting its clients’ chain of value through collective and individual safety conditions and through the minimization of environmental impact.



- Innovation, design and functionality
- Corporate Image
- Sustainable Development
- Know-How and Competence
- Technology & Development

Mr. Tiago Lapa

Sobreiro Torto, Branca
Aveiro 3854-909 Albergaria-a-Velha

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