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For almost 50 years, Lab Products remains as a world leading innovator of laboratory animal housing and care equipment. We provide cost-effective solutions for housing animals ranging from mice to non-human primates, with the most efficient use of available area, time, and labor. Our product lines extend from classic conventional mouse cages to state-of-the-art independently tested and certified AllerZone™ Micro-Isolator® and Enviro-Gard™ Environmental Control Systems. Lab Products also offers a unique watering system, Hydropac®

We offer support with building HVAC design, room layouts, facility integration, 24-hour remote environmental monitoring/control, airflow balancing, allergen controls, equipment installation, training and certification. Each system is designed to help ensure the well being of animals and personnel, meet your research requirements, and minimize experimental variables. To learn more call or visit

Betty Fatzie

742 Sussex Ave
Seaford, DE 19973
United States


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