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Tecniplast specializes in the design, manufacture, and installation of a broad range of products for the biomedical research community. Our family of products includes the most comprehensive selection of housing systems, wash equipment, laminar flow stations, and aquatic and logistic solutions. Products such as the SealSafe, SealSafe Plus, and Isocage System offer heighten levels of bio-containment and bio-exclusion security. Innovations in the wash area include the Kronos Automated Bottle Processing System and the Pegasus Automated System, which empties bedding, washes, fills bedding, and restacks cages without the need for personnel. Thereby, allowing staff to focus on other critical tasks. Tecniplast—Innovation through Passion.

Paulina Michaud

1345 Enterprise Dr
West Chester, PA 19380
United States


In the News

Tecniplast Offers Webinar on DVC® System for Home Cage Monitoring in Mouse Vivaria

Published 5/6/2020

Tecniplast is offering a webinar on the use of the DVC® System to optimize animal modelling in mouse vivaria. “Improving Animal Modelling with 24/7 Home Cage Monitoring in Bio-exclusion/Biocontainment Mouse Housing Systems” will detail how the DVC® technology applied to the ISO caging system can deliver improved data replicability, animal welfare, and research results. 

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