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The next generation of sustainable, low carbon laboratories: What you need to know

Institutions are looking closely at laboratory facilities and infrastructure as candidates for carbon reduction through operational changes, alterations, and integrative design to comply with increasingly stringent local building requirements. Session leaders examine how recent projects are experimenting with new designs uncommon to labs to address this challenge, including heat pumps, electrification, cross-laminated timber, new casework options, and more. Using case studies, they reveal a carbon reduction framework for future lab design that points to a trend toward low carbon laboratories. They identify carbon-oriented alternatives for building construction, including structure, envelope, interior finishes, and MEP. 

Occurs Location
Monday, April 8 1:10PM - 2:05PM
Atlantic 2
Tuesday, April 9th 11:45AM - 12:40PM
Atlantic 3
CEU Type Units
American Institute of Architects (AIA)
1.00 Units
Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW)
1.00 Units