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Space Strategies 2024 Apply to Speak

Still accepting late applications 

This is Tradeline's 12th annual conference detailing critical space planning and management data, metrics, processes, and technology solutions that owners will need to meet goals for successful hybrid workplace initiatives, higher space utilization, increased flexibility, and better workplace engagement and experience. This includes multi-purpose spaces, improved space allocation processes, more effective data collection and reporting, change management, lower occupancy cost, and greater organizational performance.

Tradeline conferences are produced for the benefit of building owners/end users, and individuals from owner organizations typically represent more than 50% of the total conference audience. At Space Strategies 2023, 78% of registered attendees were owners.

All stakeholders who are interested in speaking at the conference are tasked to demonstrate innovative ideas, models, processes, equipment, technology, and/or solutions for space planning and space management. Your speaking proposal should address one or more of the priorities and elements below. 

General presentation objectives:

  1. Reassessing workplace and occupancy strategies
  2. Hybrid workplace models that get the interaction, collaboration, communication equation right  
  3. More accurate utilization studies, occupancy data, metrics, and analytical techniques 
  4. Multi-purpose spaces for increased flexibility
  5. Change management in transitioning to new workplace models 
  6. Space planning and design for a more transient workforce
  7. Balancing open, activity-based, private, and unassigned workspace
  8. Financial impacts of space decisions
  9. Impact of space plans on health and wellness, human behavior, and productivity 
  10. Master planning strategies: portfolio/campus space assessment, program location, utilization

Your presentation may call upon one or more of the following elements (and your own creative elements) to meet the objectives above:

  • Improved flexibility, functionality, space utilization
  • More accurate space utilization data, metrics and analytical techniques 
  • Space planning and design concepts for improved workplace engagement
  • Space allocation processes, issues, rationales, and solutions
  • Hybrid workplace models
  • Change management processes 
  • Capturing and using reliable data for space utilization 
  • Accommodating growth without the need for physical expansion 
  • Occupancy costs and financial impacts of space decisions 
  • Space plans and strategies that reduce footprint 
  • New metrics and standards for hybrid workplaces
  • Wellness and health of building occupants  
  • New technology, tools, and methods for measuring space utilization 
  • IWMS, database, and cloud technologies that improve space management 
  • Balanced solutions for collaboration/personal work environments 
  • Facility design features for recruitment 
  • New metrics and standards for unassigned workspace 
  • Case studies of new workspace initiatives with results 
  • Space plans for interaction, collaboration, communication 
  • Findings on human performance outcomes of new space plans 
  • Transitioning to hybrid, unassigned, and/or activity-based workspace 


To complete a speaking application, you will need:

  • Presentation title, one-paragraph summary, and up to four takeaway ideas
  • Speaker names, contact information, Bio/CV, and headshot image
  • Current Overview
  • Presentation Content
  • Speakers
  • Preview
  • Complete

Speaking Application

Type of Presentation

Terms of Participation

If you are from an owner/end-user's organization and your application for a 25-minute general-session report is accepted, your registration fees are complimentary and travel reimbursement may be available. General-session reports are limited to owner/end-user representatives (maximum two speakers).

Terms of Participation

If you are from an A/E/C, Consultant, Vendor, or Service Provider:

  • The speaking application process is competitive. Tradeline selects the topics that best meet the audience priorities.
  • If your application is selected there will be a sponsorship fee to secure the speaking spot: 
    ​$7,600 if Tradeline selects the topic to be presented twice (once on each day of the conference)
    $5,900 if selected for a one-time presentation
    (Breakout sessions are presented concurrently, so presenting twice allows participants two opportunities to attend, typically leading to a larger total audience.)
  • In addition you will need to register each speaker at the discounted rate of $2,100 per speaker (minimum one speaker and maximum four speakers).
Please enter all the information above to get started.