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Amenity-Rich Environments Spark Ingenuity, Productivity, and Collaboration for Today’s Hybrid Workforce

Published 6/19/2024

Post-pandemic employees expect their workplaces to offer amenities similar to those they grew accustomed to while working from home: access to outdoor spaces, the opportunity to choose between working from home and in the office, areas for individual and team work, and the ability to focus on their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing with amenities such as a gym, quiet lounges with technological support for laptops, and nearby places to socialize.

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Siemens Healthineers Begins Construction of R&D + Manufacturing Facility for Low-Helium MRI Technology

Published 5/28/2024

Siemens Healthineers—a spinoff of Siemens that focuses exclusively on healthcare equipment, solutions, and services—has begun construction on a £250 million ($314 million) facility in the United Kingdom to research and manufacture a breakthrough sustainable design for MRI superconducting magnets that reduces the need for helium from 1,500 liters (more than 396 gallons) to a single liter (just over a quart). 

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Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Constructs Innovation Center

Published 5/22/2024

The Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) broke ground in May of 2024 on the 68,000-sf, $109.7 million Princeton Plasma Innovation Center (PPIC), a laboratory and office facility designed by SmithGroup and dedicated to research in the fields of microelectronics, quantum sensors and devices, and sustainability sciences, with a focus on achieving fusion energy by 2040. 

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University of Arkansas Breaks Ground on Multi-User Silicon Carbide Research and Fabrication Facility

Published 9/1/2023

The University of Arkansas broke ground in August of 2023 on the $36 million Multi-User Silicon Carbide Research and Fabrication Facility (MUSiC) in Fayetteville. Located in the Arkansas Research and Technology Park, the 18,660-sf building will produce microelectronic chips made with silicon carbide, a powerful semiconductor that outperforms basic silicon in several critical ways.

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Oregon State University Plans Collaborative Innovation Complex

Published 2/3/2023

Oregon State University is planning to construct the $213 million Jen-Hsun and Lori Huang Collaborative Innovation Complex in Corvallis. Featuring a state-of-the-art NVIDIA supercomputer, the 145,000-sf facility will accommodate team-based research programs in semiconductors, materials science, artificial intelligence, and robotics. These next-generation technologies will provide new solutions to global challenges in climate science, oceanography, and water resources.

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Carnegie Mellon to Open First-Ever Academic Cloud Lab

Published 1/18/2023

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh is working in partnership with San Francisco-based Emerald Cloud Lab on a new $40 million facility that will house more than 200 discrete life science and chemistry research instruments, but very few human researchers, teachers, or students. Instead, the instruments and artificial intelligence tools within the new CMU Cloud Lab can be accessed remotely via the cloud from anywhere in the world to conduct experiments at any time of the day or night. The new 16,000-sf Cloud Lab will be housed in a CMU-owned building in Pittsburgh’s Bakery Square, 10 minutes from the main campus. Construction is scheduled to conclude by May 2023 and to be fully operational by the fall 2023 semester.  

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Cardiff University Opens Translational Research Hub

Published 7/29/2022

Cardiff University opened the £80 million Translational Research Hub in July of 2022 in the United Kingdom. Housing the Institute for Compound Semiconductors and the Cardiff Catalysis Institute, the 129,000-sf facility provides specialized labs, collaboration spaces, and offices where scientists can work side-by-side with industrial partners to create new technological solutions for pressing challenges in manufacturing, energy, transportation, and healthcare.

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U.S. Air Force Plans Semiconductor R&D Center

Published 2/18/2022

The U.S. Air Force will begin construction in spring of 2022 on the $279 million Compound Semiconductor Laboratory – Microsystem Integration Facility (CSL-MIF) in Lexington, Mass. Supporting the growth, fabrication, and characterization of semiconductors made of two or more different elements, the 160,000-sf structure will enable scientists and engineers to package heterogeneously integrated electronic prototypes for specialized applications.

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Silicon Valley Vibe Permeates Higher Ed Building Design

Published 6/23/2021

A onetime University of Maryland student who struck it big in the tech industry returned to donate significant funding for a new computer science center—one that brings Silicon Valley facilities, visible building tech, and up-to-the-minute environmental controls into College Park. Brendan Iribe left school and ended up cofounding Oculus, which was later sold to Facebook for $2 billion. He returned to Maryland with a vision for inspiring innovators of the future by providing them with spaces in which to create new technologies.

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Application-Focused AI Curriculum at Milwaukee School of Engineering’s Diercks Computational Science Hall

Published 5/26/2021

Dwight and Dian Diercks Computational Science Hall at Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) is far more than the academic home for a new degree program in leading-edge technology. It is full of formal and casual study spaces designed to attract students from all disciplines on campus. It also boasts a 256-seat auditorium and a 2,300-sf atrium, both inviting venues for school functions and community events. 

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Merck Opens Centre for Electronic Applications

Published 10/8/2020

Merck KGaA opened the $58.5 million Centre for Electronic Applications in September of 2020. Located on the company's headquarters campus in Darmstadt, Germany, the 118,400-sf facility will accelerate the discovery and development of next-generation materials for semiconductors and displays. Providing collaborative lab and office environments for 140 employees, the structure features a sophisticated building façade with dynamic liquid crystal windows that can be easily adjusted to minimize glare and heat gain. Construction began on the project in summer of 2017.

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Huawei Plans Optoelectronics R&D Center

Published 7/21/2020

Huawei Technologies is planning to construct a $1.3 billion R&D center in Cambridge in the United Kingdom. Acting as the international headquarters for the company's optoelectronics business, the 538,000-sf complex will provide research, development, and manufacturing facilities for the creation of optical devices and modules. Catalyzing the growing innovation cluster in the region, the project will be built on a 500-acre brownfield site that Huawei acquired in 2018.

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Samsung Breaks Ground on Hanoi R&D Center

Published 3/28/2020

Samsung Electronics broke ground in March of 2020 on a $220 million research and development center in Hanoi, Vietnam. The 860,000-sf facility will support the creation of innovative mobile devices and applications, as well as providing laboratories for the study of artificial intelligence, big data, the internet of things, and 5G technologies. Comprising 16 stories above ground and three floors below grade, the building will include a staff gym, a rooftop garden, and a clubhouse. Completion is expected in late 2022.

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Construction Begins on Hewlett Packard Enterprise Campus

Published 2/29/2020

Construction began in February of 2020 on a 440,000-sf complex for Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Spring, Texas. Developed by a joint venture of Patrinely Group, USAA Real Estate, and CDC Houston, the collaborative campus will include two five-story structures with bridge connectors on each level. The facility will provide core research and development labs, a conference center, offices, a 2,055-space parking garage, a fitness hub, dining amenities, a pharmacy, and a large central courtyard with a multipurpose sports pavilion.

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CSA Catapult Opens Semiconductor Innovation Center

Published 1/11/2020

The Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult opened the Catapult Innovation Centre in December of 2019 in Newport, Wales. Designed as a locus for the region’s growing high-tech industry, the facility provides sophisticated cleanrooms, a design studio, open-plan offices, a boardroom, conference and breakout rooms, a collaborative amphitheater, an advanced packaging suite, and R&D labs for photonics, radio frequencies, and power electronics.

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