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Living, learning, on- and off-campus: University of Cincinnati’s future-facing student housing master plan

The effect of housing environments on student social and academic success cannot be overstated, and there is increasing pressure on both the design and capacity of housing portfolios, and responding efficiently to changes in enrollment in the future. Here you’ll see how University of Cincinnati’s multi-faceted housing master plan has incorporated the latest on- and off-campus solutions to meet the challenge. Carl Dieso sets out UC’s housing drivers, trends, and projections, and profiles a package of renovations, private development, and reconfigurations that have been initiated. He highlights key features of competitive living/learning housing solutions exemplified by the university’s recently-renovated Calhoun Hall, and profiles cost, revenue, and operating models for alternative university-managed housing approaches.

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Tuesday, May 7th 9:15AM - 9:40AM
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American Institute of Architects (AIA)
0.50 Units
Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW)
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