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Case Study: Unanticipated space use raises the bar for facility flexibility

James Pfeiffer
James Pfeiffer, AIA
James Pfeiffer
Principal In Charge

Campus spaces are being used by students and faculty in unanticipated ways, and building flexibility is being put to the test. Marquette University’s O’Brien Hall, home to the College of Business, serves as a case study in surprising space use and the balancing act that university facilities must strike today: Can campus facilities welcome the community without compromising student needs? How to balance collaboration and heads-down space for researchers? Can specialized spaces maintain flexibility? Attend this session for programming, design, and use lessons-learned, and how colleges and universities can prepare for these surprises and reconcile competing campus needs.

Occurs Location
Tuesday, May 7th 8:05AM - 9:00AM
CEU Type Units
American Institute of Architects (AIA)
1.00 Units
Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW)
1.00 Units