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Goodbye 1:1 desk-to-employee ratios: UCSD’s industry-leading space management framework

Eliud Escobedo Jr., M.S.
Eliud Escobedo Jr., M.S.
Eliud Escobedo
Chief Business Process Officer, Facilities and Services Information Management

UC San Diego is implementing industry-leading strategies that ditch 1:1 desk-to-employee ratios and allow more adaptable spaces, campuswide, for ALL staff. Eliud Escobedo illustrates the data capture and analysis requirements needed for optimal decision-making, developing policy and deployment strategies for occupancy sensors, and ultimately improving space use efficiency and work arrangements for 45,000+ employees. He maps the effects of the pandemic on work culture, fresh organizational pressures, and a new willingness to adopt flexible and hybrid work solutions. He identifies common roadblocks to expect, creative solutions, lessons learned, and the benefits that are achievable in terms of productivity, worker satisfaction, more beneficial space use, and tangible cost savings.

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Monday, May 6th 9:05AM - 9:30AM
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