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Past Participants

The following organizations have attended this conference: 
1890 Research & Extension (Construction/Facilities Manager) 
American University (Professor, Dept of Biology) 
Appleby College (Manager, Capital Projects) 
Bates College (VP for Finance & Administration) 
Bethune-Cookman University (Dean, Coll of Sci, Engineering, & Mathematics) 
Bethune-Cookman University (Exec Director, Facilities) 
Blue Rise Ventures (Senior Vice President) 
Boston College (Academic Building Operations Mgr) 
Boston College (Assoc VP, Capital Projects) 
Brandeis University (Director of Campus Planning) 
Cal Polytechnic State Univ, San Luis Obispo (Dir of Frost Fund & Dean/Prof Emeritus) 
Carnegie Mellon University (Glen de Vries Dean, Coll of Science) 
Carnegie Mellon University (Project Manager) 
Carnegie Mellon University (Sr Dir of Design & Construction) 
Carnegie Mellon University (Sr Project Manager) 
Champlain College (Academic Innovation, Advisor to President) 
College of Charleston (Director of Architecture & Engineering) 
Colorado Mountain College (Facilities Manager II) 
Cornell Tech (Dir, Learning Spaces & Maker Labs) 
Cornell University (Dir, Project Management) 
Creative Energy Canada (VP, Development) 
Dallas College Administrative Offices (VP, Eng'g, Tech, Math, Sciences) 
Duquesne University (Sr Dir, Design & Construction - Utilities) 
Florida Polytechnic University (Asst VP, Facilities & Safety Services) 
Florida State University (Dir, Rsrch Facils Design, Constr, & Maint) 
Florida State University (Exec Dir of Utilities, Maintenance, & Eng'g) 
Fordham University (Director-Univ Facilities Plng & Programming) 
Fordham University (Provost & Sr VP for Academic Affairs) 
George Mason University (Asst to the Assoc Dean for Research) 
George Mason University (Campus Planner) 
George Mason University (Sr Project Manager) 
Georgia Institute of Technology (Dir of Academic & Rsrch Facils Infrastructure) 
Georgia Tech (Lab & Chemical Safety Officer) 
Google (Lab Program Manager) 
Houston Christian University (Assoc Dean, Science & Engineering) 
Houston Christian University (CFO/COO) 
Houston Christian University (Dean, Science & Engineering) 
Illinois State University (Assoc Dean College of Arts & Sciences) 
Illinois State University (VP Academic Affairs & Provost) 
Johns Hopkins University (Section Supervisor) 
Johnson University (Assoc Dean of Sciences) 
Johnson University (VP of Campus Services) 
Kansas State University (Exec Dir, Campus Plng, Proj Mgmt, & Architect) 
King Abdullah Univ of Science & Technology (Mgr, Rsrch Infrastructure Strategy & Plng) 
King Abdullah Univ of Science & Technology (Research Infrastructure Coordinator) 
Lehigh University (Professor & Department Chair) 
Liberty University (Dean) 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Asst Dir, Infrastructure) 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Senior Planner) 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Senior Project Manager) 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sr Project Manager) 
McGill University (Assoc VP, Facilities Mgmt & Ancil Svcs) 
McGill University (Dir, Campus Planning & Development) 
Michigan State University (Dir of Facilities & Planning) 
Michigan State University (Project Manager) 
Michigan Technological University (Sr Engineer & Project Lead) 
Morgan State University (Vice President & CIO) 
National Inst of Standards & Technology (Chief, Design & Construction) 
National Inst of Standards & Technology (Dir, Office of Facilities Property Mgmt) 
National Inst of Standards & Technology (Program Manager) 
North Dakota State University (Dean of Engineering) 
North Shore Community College (Asst VP of Facilities Ops & Capital Plng) 
North Shore Community College (Dean of STEM & Education) 
Ohio State University (Sr Project Manager) 
Pennsylvania State University (Professor & Dir of the Learning Factory) 
Prairie View A&M University (Assoc Professor of Practice) 
Princeton University (General Supervisor of Princeton Clinical Lab) 
Princeton University (Interior Project Mgr, Office of Cap Projects) 
Princeton University (Program Manager) 
Princeton University (Project Manager) 
Purdue University (Dir of Facils & Space Operations) 
Purdue University (VP for Physical Facils & Public Safety) 
Quinnipiac University (Provost) 
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (President) 
Rutgers University (Asst VP, Architecture & Design) 
Rutgers University (AVP, Project Services) 
Rutgers University (Director) 
Rutgers University (Interim Dean) 
Rutgers University (Project Manager) 
Rutgers University (Sr Director, Project Services) 
Rutgers University (VP, University Architect) 
Stanford University (Project Executive) 
Stanford University (Senior Project Manager) 
Syracuse University (Associate Director) 
Tennessee Tech University (Associate Dean) 
Tennessee Tech University (Director of Labs) 
Texas A&M University (Assoc VP, Enrollment & Academic Srvcs) 
Texas A&M University (Research Asst Professor, Engineering Med) 
Texas A&M University at Galveston (Assoc VP, Admin & Auxiliary Svcs) 
Texas Tech University (Dir, Research Facilities) 
Texas Tech University (Director) 
Texas Tech University (Project/Senior Engineer) 
The Ohio State University (Project Manager) 
The Ohio State University (Sr Project Manager) 
Thompson Rivers University (VP, Administration & Finance) 
Tufts University (Sr Project Manager) 
Univ at Albany (Campus Planning Project Mgr) 
Univ of Alabama (Mechanical Engineer) 
Univ of Alabama in Huntsville (Construction Project Manager) 
Univ of Alabama in Huntsville (Dean, College of Engineering) 
Univ of Arizona (Dean) 
Univ of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (Director, Facilities Management) 
Univ of British Columbia (Associate Professor of Teaching) 
Univ of California, San Diego (Principal Architect & Program Mgr) 
Univ of Chicago (Assoc Director of Planning) 
Univ of Chicago (Associate Provost) 
Univ of Connecticut (Architect & Sr Project Manager) 
Univ of Connecticut (Architect, Facilities & Space Planner) 
Univ of Georgia (Project Manager) 
Univ of Guam (Dir, Facilities & Mgmt Services) 
Univ of Guam (Vice Provost of Research & Sponsored Prgms) 
Univ of Maine (Dean, College of Engineering) 
Univ of Massachusetts, Amherst (Sr Program Manager - Facilities) 
Univ of Michigan (Dir of Facilities Management) 
Univ of Michigan (Sr Exec Dir, CFO Engineering) 
Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor (Facilities Operations Business Mgr) 
Univ of Mississippi (Assoc Dean of Liberal Arts) 
Univ of Missouri - Kansas City (Vice Provost & Dean) 
Univ of Missouri (Project Manager) 
Univ of Nebraska - Lincoln (Professor & Project Mgr, Coll of Engineering) 
Univ of Nebraska-Lincoln (Dean, College of Engineering) 
Univ of Nevada, Las Vegas (Exec Dir, Research Infrastructure) 
Univ of New Mexico (Director of Facilities Mgmt) 
Univ of North Carolina at Charlotte (Dir of Academic & Research Space) 
Univ of North Carolina at Charlotte (Dir of Plng, Design & Const, Campus Architect) 
Univ of North Carolina Wilmington (University Program Specialist) 
Univ of North Dakota (Asst Dir of Design/Facilities Architect) 
Univ of North Dakota (Dir of Corporate Engagement) 
Univ of North Dakota (Dir of Planning, Design, & Real Estate) 
Univ of North Texas System (Senior Project Manager) 
Univ of Pennsylvania - PSOM (Dir Research Program & Space Planning) 
Univ of Pennsylvania - PSOM (Sr Assoc Dir Facilities & Capital Planning) 
Univ of Pittsburgh (Vice Chancellor for Research Infrastructure) 
Univ of So Florida Sarasota-Manatee (Reg Vice Chanc Business & Finance) 
Univ of So Florida Sarasota-Manatee (Regional Chancellor) 
Univ of South Florida (Campus Planning Manager) 
Univ of South Florida (Facilities Project Manager) 
Univ of South Florida (Mgr Space Plng & Interior Design) 
Univ of South Florida (Project Manager) 
Univ of Tennessee, Knoxville (Campus Architect) 
Univ of Texas at Austin (Dir of Academic Space Planning) 
Univ of Texas at Austin (Dir, Texas Robotics) 
Univ of Texas at Austin (Team Lead, Academic Team) 
Univ of Texas at Dallas (ECS Mgr of Academic & Research Facils) 
Univ of Texas at San Antonio (Assoc VP, RE, Construction & Png) 
Univ of Texas at San Antonio (Asst VP, Campus Planning) 
Univ of Texas at San Antonio (Founding Dir, School of Data Science) 
Univ of Texas at Tyler (Associate Dean) 
Univ of the Incarnate Word (Dir of Planning, Design & Construction) 
Univ of Toronto (Dir, Facilities Mgmt & Space Planning) 
Univ of Toronto (Senior Planner) 
Univ of Virginia (Architect/Planner) 
Univ of Virginia (Assoc University Architect) 
Univ of Virginia (Dir of Planning & Facilities) 
Univ of Virginia School of Medicine (Director of Facilities) 
Univ of Wisconsin, Green Bay (Facilities Planner) 
Univ of Wisconsin, Madison (Supervisor, Laboratory Project Mgr) 
Univ of Wyoming (Exec Program Dir, Top-Tier Science Initiative) 
Univ of Wyoming (Senior Project Manager) 
US Coast Guard Academy (Provost) 
US Coast Guard Academy (Vice Provost for Research) 
Vanderbilt University (Vice Chancellor for Administration) 
Virginia Commonwealth University (Assoc VP for Facilities Management) 
Wake Forest University School of Medicine (Assoc VP of Academic Resources) 
Wake Forest University School of Medicine (Program Dir, Academic Resources) 
Washington State University (Dir, Facilities Operations & Safety Svcs) 
Washington University in St. Louis (Assoc Vice Chancellor & Univ Architect) 
Washington University in St. Louis (Mgr of Laboratory Ops, Safety, & Protocols) 
Weber State University (Project Manager) 
Western Carolina University (Dean, College of Arts & Sciences) 
Western Carolina University (Exec Dir, WCU Programs in Asheville) 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (VP for Campus Plng & Facil Mgmt) 
Yale University (Assoc Provost for Research) 
Yale University (Assoc Provost for Science Initiatives) 
Yale University (Associate Dean) 
Yale University (Asst Dean, Faculty of Arts & Sciences) 
York University (Academic Space Plng Officer) 
York University (Dir of Safety & Business Operations) 
York University (Mgr, Facils, Health & Safety, & Tech Srvcs) 
York University (Mgr, Infrastructure & Research Facility) 

The following consultants, service and product suppliers have attended this conference: 
Affiliated Engineers, Inc.
AHA Consulting Engineers
Air Master Systems
Aircuity Inc.
Alamo Architects
Ambient Air Technologies, LLC
Arcadis-IBI Group
asecos GmbH
BICASA-North America
Bimos Lab Seating
Blue Cottage of CannonDesign
BR+A Consulting Engineers, LLC
BSA LifeStructures
CO Architects
CPP Wind Engineering
Eagle Group
Ennead Architects
Environmental Growth Chambers
Erlab, Inc.
EYP Architecture & Engineering
Field Management Services
Flad Architects
Fordham University
Francis Cauffman Architects
Fundermax North America
Granger Construction
Hanson Lab Solutions
Henderson Engineers, Inc.
HERA Lab Planners
Jensen Hughes
JMZ Architects & Planners, P.C.
Kewaunee Scientific Corp
Labconco Corp
Life Science Products, Inc.
Lord Aeck Sargent
MGC, Inc.
Mott Manufacturing Ltd.
New England Labs
OC River
Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects
Perkins Eastman
Phoenix Controls
RATIO Design
Research Facilities Design
Royston Group
S.C.A.T Americas, Inc.
Scott Laboratory Solutions
Siemens Industry, Inc.
Siemens Smart Infrastructure
Stantec Architecture
Strobic Air Technologies
The S/L/A/M Collaborative
The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co
Thrive Building Solutions
TreanorHL Science & Technology
Trespa North America
Tuttnauer USA
Vacuubrand, Inc.
Waldner, Inc.
WaterSaver Faucet Co.
ZGF Architects