Cytec Industries Renovates Stamford Lab

Published 7-22-2002

Cytec Industries has selected Flad & Associates to design a renovation to their facility in Stamford, Ct. Flad is providing full architectural design services including programming, planning and structural engineering design for the renovation of 240,000 sf of lab and support space. Other team members include Affiliated Engineers of Gainesville, Florida, and Turner Construction of Milford, Ct., providing estimating and construction services. The Stamford facility houses Cytec's principal research and development activities globally for their Specialty Chemicals businesses. The design includes consolidation of various laboratory and support functions currently spread out in a campus-like five-story building. Modification to the facility will include completely renovated state-of-the-art research labs and support space, a new mechanical infrastructure and restoration of the exterior conforming to the early 1920's architecture of the face. Cytec Industries is a specialty chemicals and materials technology company.