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University of Texas at Austin Constructs Engineering Discovery Building

Published 10/23/2023

The University of Texas at Austin broke ground in August of 2023 on the $261 million Engineering Discovery Building. Designed by CO Architects, the 210,000-gsf facility will provide a vibrant new home for the departments of Chemical Engineering and Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering. The seven-story structure will accommodate programs in novel biomaterials, chemical synthesis, geomechanics, and production engineering – all supported by robust computational capabilities. 

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Savannah River National Lab Builds Advanced Manufacturing Collaborative at USC Aiken

Published 4/17/2023

Savannah River National Laboratory began construction in April of 2023 on a $50 million facility located on the campus of the University of South Carolina Aiken. Designed by Page and STOA Architects, the Advanced Manufacturing Collaborative (AMC) will enable the Department of Energy's Office of Environmental Management to engage in shared discovery with academic institutions, industry partners, and government agencies at the city, state, and federal level.

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University of Maryland Breaks Ground on Chemistry Building

Published 9/10/2021

The University of Maryland broke ground in August of 2021 on the $116 million Chemistry Building in College Park. Designed by Ballinger, the flexible 105,000-sf structure will provide 34 modular research labs with robust climate controls and vibration mitigation technologies. Accelerating innovation in advanced materials, nanoscience, energy storage, quantum chemistry, and drug discovery and delivery, the project will include two core facilities, 12 meeting and huddle rooms, open office environments, and 13,000 sf of collaboration space.

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Florida State University Breaks Ground on Interdisciplinary Research and Commercialization Building

Published 8/20/2021

Florida State University broke ground in August of 2021 on the $88 million Interdisciplinary Research and Commercialization Building in Tallahassee, Fla. Designed by HGA as an 'idea factory' for materials science discovery, the 116,000-sf project will provide open labs, core facilities, and collaboration venues for up to 30 research teams. The highly flexible and adaptable structure will collocate investigators with expertise in biomedical engineering, chemistry, chemical engineering, condensed matter physics, and device prototyping.

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Erlab Presents Webinar on Chemical Risks in the Laboratory

Published 5/22/2020

Erlab, a leading provider of air filtration solutions, is presenting a webinar on the mitigation of chemical risks in the laboratory at 10:00 AM BST on May 29, 2020. The one-and-a-half hour session will explore strategies for treating chemical risks at the source to enhance occupant safety and promote operational efficiency.

Visit GoToWebinar to register.

The webinar is also being offered in Spanish, Polish, French, and Maghreb French on separate days:

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The Chemours Company Opens Discovery Hub

Published 3/16/2020

The Chemours Company, a specialty chemical manufacturer, opened the $150 million Discovery Hub in March of 2020 in Newark, Del. Supporting collaborative research, commercialization, and training initiatives, the 312,000-sf facility is located on the University of Delaware’s Science, Technology, and Advanced Research (STAR) Campus. Accommodating 330 investigators, the innovation center houses 130 labs, offices, huddle rooms, conference spaces, and cafés.

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NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes Completes Production Facility

Published 8/1/2019

NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes completed construction in July of 2019 on a 20,000-sf production facility in Beloit, Wis. Featuring the company's RadioGenix® System, the project features state-of-the-art dissolution and source vessel filling equipment for the processing of molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) to support the creation of technetium-99m (Tc-99m) for diagnostic imaging applications. The facility also houses a quality control lab, an automated packaging line, and an advanced molybdenum recycling complex.

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Pennsylvania State University Dedicates Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Building

Published 4/25/2019

Pennsylvania State University dedicated the $144 million Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Building in April of 2019 in University Park. Designed by HOK, the six-story, 194,100-sf (109,100-asf) facility houses classrooms, conference rooms, collaboration spaces, instrumentation suites, a student commons, a 150-seat auditorium, and open labs arranged in neighborhoods to promote interaction. Transparent glass walls in interior corridors put science on display and integrated magnetic whiteboards encourage students and faculty to share ideas.

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Fujifilm Breaks Ground on Mesa R&D Expansion

Published 3/15/2019

Fujifilm Electronic Materials broke ground in March of 2019 on an 85,000-sf expansion of its Mesa campus. The project will provide five new buildings for research, development, manufacturing, warehousing, and administration. Completion is expected in early 2020. Fujifilm is investing $91 million over several years to expand its operations in Arizona and Rhode Island to meet a growing global demand for high purity electronic chemicals.

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University of Manchester Opens Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre

Published 12/30/2018

The University of Manchester opened the £60 million Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre in December of 2018 in the United Kingdom. Located in the new 91,000-sf Masdar Building on the North campus, the facility will accommodate collaborative materials science research and development with King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and Khalifa University of Science and Technology.

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New Approaches to Chemical Safety in Research Labs

Published 11/14/2018

Laboratories that handle potentially hazardous or flammable chemicals present a unique challenge for facilities managers charged with providing a safe work environment for students, faculty, and researchers. Jonathan Eisenberg, a fire protection engineer and associate principal in the Boston office of the global engineering and consulting firm Arup, has identified a number of focus areas, ranging from items you might expect (using the appropriate fire suppression methods), to those you might overlook (ensuring that the humidity level is high enough so that people don’t generate sparks from static electricity). It’s important for facilities managers to understand each of the potential risks and to take steps to mitigate them with careful planning, adherence to basic fire safety principles, and the application of recently developed tools and techniques.

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Ramaco Builds Carbon Advanced Materials Facility

Published 11/2/2018

Ramaco Carbon began construction in October of 2018 on the Carbon Advanced Materials (iCAM) facility in Sheridan, Wyo. Providing collaborative research space for academic, government, and industry partners, the 10,000-sf building will include a 3D printing and manufacturing suite, a pilot plant, laboratories, and offices. Designed by Dynia Architects, the facility will support the development of advanced products based on the carbon derived from coal. The engineering consultant for the center is WWC Engineering.

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Valent BioSciences Opens Biorational Research Center

Published 8/16/2018

Valent Biosciences opened the 85,000-sf Biorational Research Center in July of 2018 in Libertyville, Ill. Sited adjacent to the company's existing headquarters, the facility offers 65,000 sf of open lab space designed to foster collaborative research and development. The facility features a state-of-the-art 20,000-sf greenhouse to support the creation of innovative agricultural products and technologies. Valent Biosciences is a subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Company Health and Crop Sciences

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BHGE Builds Subsea Manufacturing Centre of Excellence

Published 7/27/2018

Baker Hughes General Electric, a subsidiary of GE, is planning to build a £31 million Centre of Excellence in Montrose, Scotland. The company's existing facilities will be expanded and renovated to create a leading-edge R&D complex for the manufacture, testing, and assembly of subsea equipment for oil and gas extraction and production. Sited on 35 acres, the 430,000-sf project will offer sophisticated virtual reality tools and 3D printing suites to enable the development of new manufacturing processes and technologies.

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