DPT Labs Builds for R&D in San Antonio

Published 7-25-2002

DPT Laboratories Ltd. of San Antonio, a developer, manufacturer, packager and distributer of over-the-counter and prescription skin-care products for pharmaceutical companies, is in the process of completing a $5-million, 32,000-sf R&D facility housing additional chemistry labs and accommodating 75 scientists. The building will both support DPT's contract manufacturing operations, as well as provide expansion space for the company's live-cell therapy research. DPT may also break ground on another R&D building that would connect to its downtown headquarters late this year. The facility could reach up to 40,000 sf and might be operational by 2004. DPT, committed to providing continuing employee education, is also planning a 10,000- to 20,000-sf center for employee training to be located next to the company's existing factory. Additionally, construction is under way on a $5-million, 20,000-sf factory connected to DPT's warehouse center that will produce skin disease treatment foams. The facility will be operational by October of this year.