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ASHRAE Creates Global Occupant Behavior Database

Published 4/10/2023
ASHRAE - Global Occupant Behavior Database

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has created the Global Occupant Behavior Database, a publicly accessible resource that can provide actionable insights about how buildings are used. Compiling data collected by 39 institutions in 15 countries, the database was developed in collaboration with researchers from Syracuse University, the University of Georgia, Texas A&M University, and Technical University of Denmark. Users can obtain information about different cities, countries, structural types, and behavioral activities from 10 different climate zones.

By better understanding how occupants engage with elements such as temperature controls, fans, light switches, windows, and doors, building operators and A&E professionals can more accurately forecast energy consumption and generate targeted strategies for performance optimization. This groundbreaking initiative highlights the necessity of closing the knowledge gap between design and operations by educating end-users about the functions and features of the built environment.

Explore the ASHRAE Global Occupant Behavior Database.