AMS CAD + CAFM Solutions Offers Webinar on Leveraging Technology for the Transition Back to the Workplace

Published 4-29-2020

AMS CAD + CAFM Solutions is offering a webinar on a Phase One approach to leveraging technology to assist in the gradual transition back to the workplace. "How Technology Can Help Transition Back to the Workplace" will review areas of planning an initial return of employees to the workplace and how technology can assist in many areas from seating for social distancing to hoteling and hardware. Dan Lorenz, an IFMA-accredited Facility Management Professional, will discuss what some companies are planning and preparing for to ensure a safe and practical approach to workplace resumption and where technology may play a role. The one-hour webinar will occur at 11:00 AM EDT on May 5, 2020.

To register, visit AMS CAD + CAFM Solutions.

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