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Autolus Therapeutics Builds Cell Manufacturing Facility Using Modular Offsite Construction Methodology

Published 11/22/2021
Autolus Therapeutics - Stevenage Cell Manufacturing Facility

Autolus Therapeutics broke ground in November of 2021 on a £66 million cell manufacturing facility in Stevenage in the United Kingdom. Accommodating the production of chimeric antigen receptor T-cells for the treatment of cancer, the 80,730-sf project is being built by Merit using modular offsite construction methodology to significantly accelerate the construction timeline and reduce carbon emissions. Reef Group is the developer for the sustainably designed structure, which will utilize the Merit FLEXI POD® and Pre-Assembled Modules (PAM) standard platform approach. Merit's factory in Northumberland will manufacture a total of 300 PAMs, which will then be shipped to the site for installation by the company's skilled engineers. The fast-tracked building will be able to produce 2,000 batches per year when operations commence in spring of 2023.