Sanofi Expands Global Vaccine Manufacturing Operations

Published 4-21-2021

Sanofi will begin construction in fall of 2021 on a vaccine manufacturing facility in Singapore. Representing an investment of $477 million over five years, the structure will comprise a central hub housing several fully digitalized modules that allow production of three to four vaccines simultaneously. Designed for maximal flexibility, the next-generation factory will integrate multiple technology platforms based on different cell types, allowing the delivery of specific vaccines to be prioritized according to public health needs. The carbon-neutral project will feature advanced infrastructure to significantly reduce resource consumption and waste production. Construction will begin in the third quarter of 2021 with completion expected in early 2026. 

Additionally, Sanofi will expand its existing campus in Toronto with the creation of a $740 million production hub for quadrivalent influenza vaccines. The end-to-end facility will be fully operational by 2026.