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University of Massachusetts Amherst Constructs Sustainable Engineering Laboratories

Published 6/21/2023
University of Massachusetts Amherst - Sustainable Engineering Laboratories
University of Massachusetts Amherst - Sustainable Engineering Laboratories

The University of Massachusetts Amherst broke ground in April of 2023 on the $125 million Sustainable Engineering Laboratories. Envisioned as a dynamic hub for clean energy innovation, the 78,000-sf facility will provide technology-rich environments for immersive teaching and research programs. Featuring flexible, multimodal classrooms, the highly efficient building will include a regional energy operations center, a smart microgrid for renewable energy integration, and test beds for energy generation, distribution, usage, and storage. The vibrant structure will house the Energy Transition Institute, the Wind Energy Center, and the UMass Transportation Center, as well as labs for autonomous vehicle technologies, energy storage, and ocean energy systems. Student project spaces and demonstration areas will promote experiential learning while catalyzing the discovery of new solutions to global challenges.

Fostering collaboration with industry partners, the project will address a critical need for skilled workers by equipping the engineers of the future with the core competencies required to design, install, and maintain sustainable energy systems. The net-zero carbon development is expected to achieve LEED certification and will connect to a planned geothermal network.