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Brown University Begins Site Work for Integrated Life Sciences Building

Published 7/18/2024

Brown University began demolition in summer of 2024 to make way for the Integrated Life Sciences Building (ILSB) in Providence’s Jewelry District. Standing seven stories high, the 300,000-sf facility will provide six levels of wet and dry laboratories for research programs in biology, medicine, neuroscience, bioengineering, and public health. TenBerke and Ballinger designed the center with a publicly accessible ground floor that will offer a forum, gallery, and café.

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Planning the Future of Mayo Clinic’s Translational Research Workplace

Published 7/17/2024

Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., is a highly collaborative organization at the forefront of both research and clinical care, with 20% of clinical faculty supporting research studies and 12,000 studies under way at any given time. A central paradigm of its translational research workplace is a “condo” model, where a group of investigators with a well-defined mission elect to share research space and equipment to foster collaboration and innovation. Now, a recent initiative is harnessing data in new ways to build upon and expand the power of the condo to advance Mayo Clinic’s mission for decades to come. 

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Colorado State University Expands Veterinary Health & Education Complex

Published 7/15/2024

Colorado State University broke ground in May of 2024 on a $230 million redevelopment of the Veterinary Health and Education Complex (VEHC) in Fort Collins. Designed by Clark & Enersen, the expansion and renovation project will feature a 213,000-sf replacement teaching hospital that will offer unique opportunities for immersive education. The sustainable structure will feature two 80-seat active learning classrooms with interactive workstations, as well as eight exam rooms equipped with advanced simulation technologies.

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Johns Hopkins University Expands Bloomberg School of Public Health

Published 7/11/2024

Johns Hopkins University broke ground in June of 2024 on a significant expansion of the Bloomberg School of Public Health. The South Building will rise next to the school’s existing home in the heart of the East Baltimore campus to accommodate growing programs while driving interaction between faculty, clinicians, and students.

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USDA & UW Madison Break Ground on Dairy Forage Research Center

Published 7/5/2024

The U.S. Department of Agriculture broke ground in June of 2024 on a new facility for the Dairy Forage Research Center in Prairie Du Sac, Wis. Created in partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison's College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the world-class complex will enable the Agricultural Research Service to work side-by-side with academic investigators to develop sustainable solutions for animal husbandry, food production, and water management.

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University of Missouri-Kansas City Constructs Healthcare Delivery & Innovation Building

Published 7/3/2024

The University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) will begin construction in summer of 2024 on the $120 million Healthcare Delivery & Innovation Building. Designed by RDG and Clark & Enersen, the 200,000-sf facility will provide state-of-the-art learning environments for the School of Medicine and the School of Dentistry. The six-story structure will feature advanced simulation suites and clinical training labs where the next generation of medical professionals will gain hands-on experience in the delivery of team-based care.

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Montana State University Builds Computer Science Facility

Published 7/1/2024

Montana State University is constructing Gianforte Hall to accommodate world-class programs in computer science, technology, and related fields of study. Designed by Lake Flato and Hennebery Eddy Architects, the 58,000-nsf building will provide teaching and research labs for robotics, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, software development, and augmented and virtual reality.

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University of Kentucky Breaks Ground on Agricultural Research Building

Published 6/28/2024

The University of Kentucky broke ground in June of 2024 on the $285 million Agricultural Research Building in Lexington. Designed by BHDP Architecture and Flad Architects, the 263,000-sf facility will serve as the central research hub for the Martin-Gatton College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment.

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Merck Constructs Quality Control Facility

Published 6/27/2024

Merck is expanding its Darmstadt headquarters campus with the construction of a $66 million quality control facility for MilliporeSigma, the company’s life science business. Spanning approximately 105,000 sf, the four-story building will provide GMP labs and cleanrooms for the testing of medicines and biological agents. The flexible structure is designed to enhance operational efficiencies and will bring 135 employees from different departments together in one collaborative location.

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UC Berkeley Plans Bakar ClimatEnginuity Hub

Published 6/25/2024

The University of California, Berkeley is planning to construct the Bakar ClimatEnginuity Hub as part of a new downtown innovation zone. Designed by Gensler, the five-story, 145,000-sf facility will provide wet and dry laboratories, collaboration spaces, conference rooms, and offices. The robust structure will also include flexible scale-up suites for the development of renewable energy solutions, carbon-capture technologies, and greener building materials and agricultural practices. 

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Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Builds Morgan Center for Research & Innovation

Published 6/24/2024

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is constructing the $480 million Morgan Center for Research & Innovation on its Schuylkill River waterfront campus. Situated next to the existing Roberts Center for Pediatric Research, the 350,000-sf tower will provide state-of-the-art labs and core facilities where investigators and clinicians from different disciplines can engage in collaborative discovery.

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University of Massachusetts Amherst Builds Sustainable Engineering Laboratories

Published 6/20/2024

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is constructing the Sustainable Engineering Laboratories, a national hub for clean energy innovation. Featuring flexible, multimodal learning venues, the $125 million facility was designed by Payette to provide technology-rich environments for immersive teaching and research programs. The vibrant structure will house the Energy Transition Institute, the Wind Energy Center, the UMass Transportation Center, and labs for autonomous vehicle technologies, energy storage, and ocean energy systems.

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Amenity-Rich Environments Spark Ingenuity, Productivity, and Collaboration for Today’s Hybrid Workforce

Published 6/19/2024

Post-pandemic employees expect their workplaces to offer amenities similar to those they grew accustomed to while working from home: access to outdoor spaces, the opportunity to choose between working from home and in the office, areas for individual and team work, and the ability to focus on their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing with amenities such as a gym, quiet lounges with technological support for laptops, and nearby places to socialize.

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University of Tennessee’s Agriculture & Natural Resources Building (ANRB) Creates Living Research Environment

Published 6/19/2024

The $93 million Agriculture & Natural Resources Building (ANRB) at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville provides enhanced research, education, and collaboration with advanced technology, specialized labs, flexible classrooms, a large commons area, a 500-seat auditorium, lecture halls, seamless connections to nearby academic buildings, and a welcoming pedestrian plaza to engage the community. A biophilic design connects students, faculty, and staff with nature through the use of clerestory windows and a green roof that acts as an exterior living room with research gardens.  

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University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Breaks Ground on Science & Health Sciences Building

Published 6/18/2024

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire broke ground on the $340.3 million Science and Health Sciences Building in June of 2024. Designed by HOK and Potter Lawson, the 330,000-sf facility will collocate STEM courses in the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics with programs in nursing, psychology, pre-professional health sciences, and public health and environmental studies. The vibrant five-story structure will feature an accessible sixth level with a greenhouse, a telescope observatory dome, and a mechanical room.

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