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University of Wisconsin–Madison Opens Veterinary Medicine Expansion

Published 11/20/2023

The University of Wisconsin–Madison opened a 145,000-sf expansion of the School of Veterinary Medicine in November of 2023. Designed by Flad Architects and Foil Wyatt Architects & Planners, the three-story addition connects to the original building at each level, doubling the size of the small animal hospital and tripling the space dedicated to infectious disease research. Laboratories for basic discovery are complemented by ABSL-3, BSL-3, and BSL-2 environments for working with influenza, SARS-CoV-2, Ebola, and more.

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University of Georgia Dedicates Poultry Science Building

Published 10/25/2023

The University of Georgia dedicated the $54.1 million Poultry Science Building in Athens in October of 2023. Designed by Flad Architects, the 70,000-sf structure provides leading-edge facilities for programs in avian biology, genetics, nutrition, and product safety. The transformative development provides the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences with state-of-the-art classrooms, teaching labs, BSL-2 research labs, demonstration areas, conference rooms, and offices for faculty and staff.

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Ancora L&G Builds Rhode Island Public Health Lab and Life Sciences Center

Published 8/30/2023

Ancora L&G began construction in August of 2023 on a $195 million life sciences center in Providence that will provide 80,000 sf of world-class research space for the Rhode Island Department of Health. Occupying the entirety of the second and third floors, the new state health lab will feature BSL-3 suites for the detection and mitigation of infectious disease agents and environmental hazards.

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Canary Wharf Group and Kadans Break Ground on London Life Sciences Center

Published 8/2/2023

Canary Wharf Group and Kadans will break ground in fall of 2023 on One North Quay, a £500 million life sciences center in London. Designed by KPF, the 823,000-sf tower will provide world-class lab and office environments for biomedical and pharmaceutical companies. Constructed to the highest technological standards, the 23-story vertical campus will leverage advanced infrastructure to accommodate the stringent demands of wet-bench chemistry and high-containment research programs.

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Australian Institute for Infectious Disease Plans Melbourne Facility

Published 7/3/2023

The Australian Institute for Infectious Disease (AIID) is planning to construct a state-of-the-art translational research facility in the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct. The Doherty Institute, the Burnet Institute, and the University of Melbourne are the founding partners for the AUD$650 million project, which will accommodate over 1,000 scientists, academics, professionals, and public health experts engaged in collaborative discovery.

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The Ohio State University Opens Pelotonia Research Center

Published 6/16/2023

The Ohio State University opened the $237.5 million Pelotonia Research Center in May of 2023 in Columbus. Collocating research programs in life sciences, engineering, data sciences, and environmental health, the 305,000-sf building will accelerate the creation of novel solutions for complex scientific problems. Pelli Clarke & Partners and Moody Nolan designed the five-story structure with integrated laboratory neighborhoods to foster collaboration and discovery.

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Building Airflow Efficiency and Safety into Facility Design

Published 5/31/2023

“Smart labs” and the Internet of Things—with sensors and actuators that gather information about the lab environment and adjust its systems according to that data—have been around for a while. But a new wave of construction is allowing designers to incorporate smart concepts from the ground up, providing sensitive and responsive ventilation and airflow systems to a newly COVID-sensitized lab marketplace. Architects and engineers are working together to create flexible systems that respond in real time to conditions inside a research lab. “In a nutshell, we would like a smart building to operate in correlation with its occupancy and utilization,” says Tom Smith, president and CEO of 3Flow.

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National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility Opens in Kansas

Published 5/29/2023

The National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) opened in May of 2023 in Manhattan, Kan. Enabling the rapid detection and mitigation of animal and human pathogens, the $1.25 billion complex provides state-of-the-art biocontainment labs supported by robust ventilation and decontamination systems. Sited on 48 acres adjacent to Kansas State University, the 708,000-sf development provides enhanced diagnostic and research capabilities to protect the country from emerging, zoonotic, and foreign animal diseases.

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Stellenbosch University Opens Biomedical Research Institute

Published 5/12/2023

Stellenbosch University opened the $66 million Biomedical Research Institute (BMRI) in Cape Town in April of 2023. Located on the Tygerburg Campus, the 354,000–sf complex leverages an open design to foster active collaboration between researchers, staff, and students as they investigate the diseases that have the greatest impact on South Africa. Housing the Centre for Epidemic Response and Innovation, this high-performance research hub features a BSL-3 laboratory spanning 6,500 sf, the largest on the continent.

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Dallas County Plans BSL-3 Public Health Lab

Published 5/8/2023

Dallas County Health and Human Services is planning to construct the $52 million Public Health Laboratory in the growing Southwestern Medical District. Designed by Page, the 75,000-sf structure will provide BSL-3 environments for the detection and mitigation of infectious disease agents and toxins. Centralizing lab services previously dispersed in several locations, the state-of-the-art building will utilize robust ventilation systems to ensure the safe handling of potentially hazardous and pathogenic materials.

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Emory University Dedicates Health Sciences Research Building II

Published 3/31/2023

Emory University opened the $313 million Health Science Research Building II in March of 2023 in Atlanta. Designed by HOK, the 350,000-sf facility provides world-class research environments for a range of specialties including biomedical engineering, cardiovascular medicine, oncology, inflammation, immunology, and emerging infections.

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Moderna Plans Innovation and Technology Centre in the United Kingdom

Published 3/13/2023

Moderna will break ground in mid-2023 on a £150 million complex for the creation of mRNA vaccines and therapeutics in the United Kingdom. Located on the Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire, the Moderna Innovation and Technology Centre (MITC) will comprise two 145,000-sf buildings. The Drug Substance Manufacturing Unit will leverage next-generation automation systems to produce high volumes of vaccine materials, accompanied by an early-stage R&D hub that will support clinical trials.

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The Hurley Group Transforms Offices into Labs at Elm City Bioscience Center

Published 1/16/2023

The Hurley Group has transformed an existing office building in New Haven to create the Elm City Bioscience Center. Designed by Svigals + Partners, the adaptive reuse project offers over 100,000 sf of leasable research space for startup companies. Featuring BSL-1 and BSL-2 environments, the eight-story biotech hub provides lab suites with adjacent work areas, meeting rooms, and break rooms. Advanced mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems enable the structure’s 12,000-sf floor plates to easily adapt to changing requirements and configurations.

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Mispro Builds Contract Vivarium in Boston's Seaport District

Published 1/11/2023

Mispro Biotech Services is building a 10,000-sf contract vivarium in Boston's Seaport District. The state-of-the-art facility will enable life science companies of all sizes to conduct preclinical drug development studies on rodents with the support of Mispro’s husbandry services, technical expertise, and regulatory compliance oversight.

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FDA Modernization Act 2.0 Allows Alternatives to Animal Testing for Drug Development

Published 1/6/2023

The United States Congress passed Senate Bill 5002 in late 2022 to allow methods other than animal testing to be employed to establish drug efficacy and safety. Dubbed the FDA Modernization Act 2.0, the legislation supports the inclusion of cell-based assays, computer models, and microphysiological systems such as organ chips in preclinical testing operations. The bill also rescinds a stipulation that animal studies must be used when seeking a license for a biological product that is biosimilar or interchangeable with another product.

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