London Health Sciences Centre Utilizes Honeywell Vector Space Sense

Published 6-28-2018

London Health Sciences Centre is utilizing Honeywell Vector Space Sense to optimize facility utilization and reduce operational costs. The software solution shows where, when, and how spaces are being used at any given point in time, enabling the operations team to make informed real estate and space allocation decisions. London Health Sciences Centre is a hospital network in Ontario with 15,000 employees occupying 1.9 million square feet. The network discovered that overcrowding in certain areas only happened at specific times while other spaces often went unused, enabling improved space scheduling and allocation processes. Supported by a cloud-based infrastructure, Honeywell Vector Space Sense gathers utilization data from multiple sources such as smart lights, Bluetooth beacons, mobile apps, and other sensor-connected devices and equipment. The solution then applies analytics to the collected data, using customized algorithms and space utilization models to deliver actionable insights.

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