The COVID Consultants℠ and BEST Launch COVIDefender™ Student Housing Portal

Published 8-21-2020

The COVID Consultants℠ and Better Efficiency Solutions & Technologies LLC (BEST) launched the COVIDefender™ Student Housing Portal in August 2020. Offering tools, guidance, and access to crucial information, the online service enables students and off-campus housing authorities to:

  • Order at-home COVID-19 PCR text kits.
  • Ask questions and read regularly updated FAQs.
  • Find printable checklists, signage, and digital communication materials.
  • Learn ways to better leverage existing resources.
  • Develop easy-to-understand guidelines and protocols.

As many student housing managers are concerned about liability, the adoption of COVIDefender™ demonstrates that they are taking appropriate action to responsibly operate in an unprecedented environment. The COVID Consultants℠ will proactively update the recommended best practices in response to new findings and changes in agency guidelines.

COVIDefender™ is the newest offshoot of an existing nationwide subscription service that provides COVID-19 guidance and resources for businesses including housing and assisted living facilities. The COVID Consultants℠ is a group of healthcare professionals led by infectious disease experts Dr. John Hammer and Dr. Dana Lerman. Better Efficiency Solutions & Technologies LLC specializes in on- and off-campus housing technologies and solutions. Both firms are based in Denver.